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As we head toward the inevitability of Summer and warmer weather, it's time to get our drinks menus in order. Not that we can't or don't drink whatever we want year-round (we don't judge at Hi-Time-- we enable!), but when the weather warms we tend to drink a few more summery drinks than in colder parts of the year. A gin and tonic or vodka mule is almost always the signal that summer really has started-- and while it's not official until June, one must pre-game!

To help us sort out which lighter-spirited drinks we want to enjoy, we have a killer offer on Death's Door Vodka and Death's Door Gin! Both normally retailing at $49.99 apiece, these 1.75L bottles are on sale at $19.99 each.

What's in a name? Death's Door certainly catches the eye. "You can trace it to the area's most dangerous, mythical feature - Porte des Morts, or as it's now called, Death's Door. The strait linking Lake Michigan and Green Bay, between the tip of the peninsula and Washington Island, was once one of the most notorious, treacherous stretches of water on the Great Lakes." []

For those of us who have spent time on the water, a solid drink can make the experience even better (or almost necessary, if dealing with inclement weather!). Whether on one of the Great Lakes or on the back of a boat in Avalon, at the beach house, back yard or kicking it on the couch, Death's Door is a great call for your warm weather concoctions!

8/10 Rating & 9/10 Value

"Taste: Lovely, bright and distinctive, To be specific the wild juniper is very aromatic and somewhat citrusy, the coriander gives a very spicy dryness and the fennel provides a lot of slightly oily body and a lot of spice aroma. Very spicy, almost minty kind of tingle with the oils of all the spices wafting around in a lovely way. Finish is nicely spare and long.

Drinks: We tried the gin in martinis, gin and tonics and a few more. It is wonderful as a martini with a twist of lemon or an olive. Also works well in many other drinks as it has a very fresh and distinct profile." -

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    11th Jun 2022

    Patricia Puleo

    Great gin

    Wow!!! This gin is so interesting. Fantastic layers of flavor. I’m so sad this is going to be gone. Everyone I’ve shared it with has fallen in love with it.