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Daron Fine Calvados is Pays d’Auge-- to be labeled as such verifies that it has fulfilled the most extensivequality control regulations for AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlee) calvados. This Daron opens with smellsthat are delectable: Gravenstein apples, stewed apples, poached pears w/ honey, soft apple blossoms andfull ripe fruitiness. The fruit flavors are much more subdued on the palate, giving way to salted yellow apple,whiskey tones and bitter apple seeds carried in a smooth, dry mouth-feel. The finish comes with an ardentburst of spice that saunters off with a clean lingering warmth. This is a superb Calvados to use as an aperitif,in an adult beverage or as that famous 'secret' recipe ingredient.
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