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Item #: 165738
Bottle Size: 750ML
CORZO TEQUILA ANEJO 750ML is available for purchase

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This classy package is only the beginning; the Tequila inside is the real treat. Displaying aromas of fresh, warm caramel, roasted - delicate agave, elegant blossoms, sultanas, puff pastry and clean spice; Corzo is complex and quite inviting. Theentry is sumptuous with a supple, sweet and oily palate revealing flavors that remind you of cinnamon toast made with honey or stewed sugar dates with baking spice that are balanced gracefully by wonderful agave. The finish is a lengthy fadeof pastries filled to bursting with fruits, invigorating spice, superb vegetal nuance, treacle and toffee. This is a tasty delicacy to be enjoyed from a fine glass with time to spare and maybe a friend.


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