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With the nature of the distillation business and how long things need to be aged, it's pretty common to find distillers making clear spirits that are more readily available for the market. Fortunately for us, Copper & Kings created this gin with the same attention to detail and penchant for quality that they do with their fantastic brandies. This gin is awesome! Spring and summer cocktails are going to shine this year!

Distilled with Rose, Hibiscus, Strawberry, Honey.

Fascinating, flavorful gin. The nose is quite complex with lush layers of hibiscus, clover honey, mixed spices and red berries. Upon tasting, the scents are reiterated on the palate: strawberry, honey, rose petal, juniper, brown spices. Will add tons of flavor and personality to gin cocktails of all types-- get creative!

"Hand-crafted alembic spirit using 100% apple wine from fresh pressed apple juice distilled in American made copper pot stills. No neutral spirits are used in the double distillation of this uniquely fragrant American craft spirit.

Crushed whole juniper berries together with rose hips, rose water, sweet orange, tangerine, lime and pink grapefruit peels, alongside jasmine and lavender petals, coriander, pink pepper corns and licorice root, are macerated in apple brandy low-wine, then redistilled together with vapor distilled rose hips, and pink grapefruit peels in the gin basket. A flash post distillation maceration of rose hips, hibiscus petals and strawberry juice concentrate for color and perfume."
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