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Chopin is a boutique, family-owned, craft distillery that produces farm to bottle spirits and liqueurs. The potatoes are sourced within 18 miles of the distillery and naturally-grown without chemicals or pesticides. Taste the difference.

The SINGLE by Chopin collection is produced by hand in extremely small batches, from yearly harvests, that fluctuate with the weather and soil conditions from year to year. SINGLE by Chopin is only distilled once to retain their distinct natural flavor. Experience each, as they change dramatically between the base varietals and vintages.

Early harvested, low starch Denar potatoes are carefully selected for their exceptional taste and texture. They are naturally-grown without chemicals or pesticides in Krzesk, Poland to make SINGLE YOUNG POTATO 2014 by Chopin.

PLANTED - April 2014
HARVESTED - July 2014

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