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We are always on the prowl for wines that over deliver and offer delicious drinkability at an outstanding price. We have found such a wine with the Chateau Bellevue Claribes from the highly acclaimed 2016 vintage!

This is the perfect wine for Fall, that wonderful time of year when temperatures settle down from their summer highs and baste the country in cooler climes. The turning of the leaves in their annual Fall display amazes our eyes, and hordes of costumed children (of all ages, really) roam our streets and neighborhoods in their relentless quest for candy.

Not to mention the culmination of the baseball season, the second month of football and the start of hockey, for the sports-minded among us. Then there are movies and books and all sorts of other seasonal celebrations taking place...which of course, leads us to think of what shall we drink with all this going on?

Bordeaux to the rescue! As Fall weather and menus change, we tend to gravitate toward one of our favorite red wine regions in the world and we have found a ringer for you to enjoy-- the 2016 Chateau Bellevue Claribes will leave you asking for more.

This wine is all about fresh, pure fruits, complementary earthiness (think "Bordeaux dust") and spice balanced by excellent body-- that it's just under the ten-dollar mark is icing on the cake. Talk about bang-for-the-buck value-- this wine is an absolute steal!

The nose is loaded with scents of cherries, plum and red raspberries, dusty earth, red rose and a background hint of incense. The palate reiterates the nose with flavors of cherries and berries in the foreground balanced by medium tannins and uplifting acidity. The mouthfeel is lush in this elegant-yet-powerful wine-- it's a balance of poise, beauty and strength for an out-of-this-world price. Kind of a perfect fit for this month! [And it will pair well with beef, lamb and barbecued meats (AKA tailgate fare) as well as hard cheeses like aged cheddar and pecorino].

70% Merlot, 20% Cab. Sauvignon, 10% Cab. Franc
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