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It’s not always easy to find a fantastic California Cabernet Sauvignon at such a reasonable price-- but, it’s our goal every year for our December Wine of the Month. Once in a while, however, if we’ve been very good and Elf On The Shelf has nothing but positive comments to pass along to Santa, we find the right wine at the right time. This is that wine and we are completely besotted with it--- and believe you will be, too!

The nose is filled with cherry and red berry fruits, scents of rose petal and mixed florals with a touch of cigar box and earth. The fruit smells perfectly ripe! Upon tasting, the fruit flavors are clearly reiterated as more cherries and red berries dominate, bolstered by ample acidity and moderate tannins keeping the wine light on the tongue, uplifting, refreshing. California dust, mild earthiness and a soupçon of cured meats lend depth to the sweet fruits and moderating tannins and acidity. Extremely tasty and enjoyable with depth and flavors drinking way above its price point, this is certainly a holiday gift for all Cab lovers-- buy and enjoy with confidence!

About the Winery - Proprietor-négociants Chris Nickolopoulos and Elijah Pfister, through their parent company Nine North Wine Co. out of Napa, work with a handful of California’s most respected grape growers and wineries selecting the finest rows, plots, barrels and lots from each vintage. They strive to blend these selections into finished wines which carefully balance ripeness and acidity to achieve both regional typicity and unique, expressive flavor profiles. This is a story of two friends who started a wine company over many barbecues and countless bottles of wine.

“I grew up in a multi generational farming family. In 1974 at the age of five, I began to follow my grandfather every day on the family farm as he tended to his ranch. Over the years he taught me a lot about farming but more importantly about life. Then one day in my late teens, he told me it was time to get off the ranch and ‘go chase lions.’ I never asked him what he meant by that, because something inside me already knew. It’s been over 20 years now since he passed and I have been chasing lions ever since.”

For this unique blend, Chris and Elijah have been sourcing Cabernet and Merlot from the same vineyard sites for the last three years. When they first found the lot of Cabernet they thought, “Wow – that’s really good Cab from the central valley!” But they both felt it needed a little something to knock the dust off the fruit. They found a lot of Merlot (from Monterey County no less!), and blended in just a small percent. When they put their noses in the glasses, they knew they had a winner. Enjoy this crowd-pleasing wine with grilled hanger steak, burgers and grilled red meats.
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