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Occasionally life surprises you with a happy convergence, and the Cerbaiona "Vino da Tavola" is a one of those; it represents the bittersweet last fruits of a Brunello auteur (emphasis on the 'sweet'), is based on two wonderful vintages, and is offered at the completely reasonable price of $29.95! Former proprietor Diego Molinari's traditionalist wines have followed the seasons, allowing for Nature to dictate the character of a given year's release. But he has also been guided by a similar ebb and flow in his personal life and decided to sell his property. The new owners want to take the winery in a different stylistic direction and decided to unload the remaining inventory of 2013 wine with a majority of still-aging 2015 wine, irrespective of whether it was destined to be a Rosso or a Brunello. It's not often that an opportunity like this arises: To taste wine from a beloved small-scale producer of coveted wines based on top vintages at the price of a typical Rosso di Montalcino!

Already at first site, this is very classical Sangiovese Grosso from Montalcino: Ruby-hued, so clear and reflective, with a subtle garnet rim. Then comes the piercing perfume of dried cherry and cordial, a floral wash reminiscent of peony & herbal lavender, stony (petrichor) notes, and a subtle background of vanilla. In the mouth, there's a striking a juiciness from opening to finish, accompanied by chalky tannins giving the sensation of crushed stone, finishing with a softly drying sensation like hibiscus tea. On opening with air, that juicy fruit takes turns with flavors of blood orange, cherry, and cranberry, accompanied by licorice root, and a reprisal of those stony and herbal notes, including echoes of tomato leaf that is typical of classic Sangiovese. The gently warming alcohol never dominates the aromas or palate, and the wine’s medium-full body with gentle, refreshing acidity makes it extremely drinkable. The tannin builds up as you drink on, ultimately making for a chewy wine, which makes sense since a large portion was intended for longer aging to become a Brunello!

So not only do we suggest holding some bottles to soften up for a few years, but also to do as Italians expect and pair it with food! Well-herbed roast chicken, tomato-driven dishes, rosemary lamb chops, or grilled steak are some great options. Even some cured meats, medium-aged cheeses, and a simple bruschetta would work with this: Top toasted baguette with diced tomato, herbs, lemon, olive oil, and a pinch of sea salt (I even like to dice in fresh anchovy filets).

Salute e auguri (health and best wishes) to Diego Molinari, and to the new team at Cerbaiona!
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