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The Brovia single-vineyard wines are vivid demonstrations of their terroirs, and it's always a treat to taste them together to see the differences between the vineyards. 'Classico' is a preferred term for Barolos / Barbarescos that are not single-vineyard wines, as no producer is very keen on calling their wine 'base Barolo' or 'basic Barolo'. Brovia's Barolo (classico) is a blend of 4 vineyards, with the biggest share coming from 25 year-old vines in Brea, which gives the wine a very mineral, chalky backbone. Classico bottlings are always less expensive than the single-vineyards, and there's a strong tendency to diminish the importance of the classico wines in favor of our obsession with the single vineyards, but the best blended Barolos express the complexity that comes from combining fruit from different terroirs - think B. Mascarello, G. Rinaldi. We miss out on some great wine if we ignore a classico wine that's as good as Brovia's, which is altogether a serious wine, and something very fine.
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