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Bottle Size: 750ml
BOWEN'S HANDCRAFTED AMERICAN WHISKEY 750ML is available for purchase

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Bowen's Whiskey - Small batch, hand-crafted American Whiskey. 90 proof!
Bowen's Whiskey is intentionally unique by design. The approach from the beginning was to make something different that stands out, as tradition seems to stifle ingenuity. Today, we find Bowen’s Whiskey destined to be the Dyson or Apple of the whiskey world.

Utilizing structured water for purity and consistency, Bowen's Whiskey is aged to perfection with reclaimed, fire ravaged oak sourced from forests on central California's Piute mountain range. We find it best served around a campfire among great friends, sharing tall tales and an appreciation for the trailblazers that made California what it is today.

Bowen’s is the whiskey that both scotch and whiskey drinkers appreciate with the smell of campfire, complex flavor and very obvious smooth finish.

We understand the purist whiskey drinkers out there who are accustomed to the harsh flavor and burn of a traditional whiskey. There is a legion of micro distilleries coming out of the wood work now because people want options, change and something new. This is where Bowen’s Whiskey fits in…appealing to a much larger group.

Unlike traditional whiskeys, Bowen’s doesn’t need a mask to hide its flavor, however, a lot of common drinks are amazing just swapping out rum or vodka with Bowen's Whiskey are great…margaritas, pina coladas and the list goes on. There is already a large following of the Bloody Bowen (Bowen's Whiskey with your favorite Blood Mary mix). Bowen’s appeals to so many whether their preference is straight up, on the rocks or mixed. Both women and men all enjoy it tremendously.

Bowen’s natural approach to marketing is straight forward, it just is what it is, a California whiskey (and California has a tradition of being innovative, bold, creative and unique…no one ever questions that fact). You either like it or not. As California once went up against French wines, it’s only fitting that Bowen’s Whiskey does the same in the whiskey world.


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