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To start, the wineries oldest vineyards were planted back in 1932 to original rootstock Pinot Noir. Bodega Chacra's contiguous vineyards are the oldest ungrafted, original rootstocks of Pinot Noir in the world. The Winery operates entirely under Organic and Biodynamic practices. What makes this unique vineyard so special is the combination of its arid climate, and dessert soil known as the Rio Negro in Argentina. The climate combined with the green practices allow the vineyard to be 100% free of pesticides, and be extremely healthy and vibrant.

The wineries founder, Piero Incisa della Rochetta is no joke either. His Grandfather started Tenuta San Guido on the Tuscan coast in the 1940's, and created Sassicaia. Sassicaia is the only wine in Italy to have its own appellation named after the wine itself. Piero cut his teeth working in the vineyards of Sassicaia, and hanging out with his nearby cousins the Antinori's. He later started up an Umbrian winery project named Salviano that focused on Sangiovese and Bordeaux varietals. After a few years, he got a little restless and drifted to Malibu to get his undergraduate degree at Pepperdine University, and then later on to NYU for his Masters. While at NYU, he started to miss the wine business, so he exiled himself to Burgundy with some friends to help make some great wines and enjoy his passion of Pinot Noir. While in burgundy, his group of friends had a blind tasting of Pinot Noirs. During this tasting, one friend brought something that was completely unknown, and amazing. The wine was from an old vine Pinot Noir vineyard in Argentina, which this person was helping make the wine as a favor. Some weeks later, Piero had to contact this person since it was all he could think about. He ventured out to Argentina, to see this area of old vine Pinot Noir, and happened to find a vineyard that was even older than the one he had tasted in Burgundy. This all took place in 2004, and the rest is history as he bought the winery in 2004, and later other contiguous old vine vineyards.

What makes the wines of Bodegas Chacra so amazing, is a combination of having some of the oldest vines of Pinot Noir in the world, a unique micro climate that allows for wines to be made as pure as possible using no chemicals in any part of the wine making process. (A small exception would be small amounts of sulfur on the bottles to sterilize them.) For the wine geeks that are in love with natural wines, this wine has less than 40ppm of sulfur which qualifies them to be a natural wine. These wines however, are nothing like the vast natural wines out in the marketplace. They are serious wines for any connoisseur as they have a sense of elegance and finesse.

The Barda is a Pinot Noir, which is like a great Burgundy, made by an amazing Italian winery owner, from Argentina's "Garden of Eden". The youngest vines of the Barda come from vineyards that are around 25 years old, in addition to pinot noir juice that comes from vineyards planted in 1955, and 1932. That's right, vines that are 85 years old are in the Barda. These older vineyards produce fewer quantities of fruit naturally, but have more developed and concentrated flavors. The vineyards are certified Organic and Biodynamic, which adds to the purity of flavor to this great Pinot Noir. The vineyards see no pesticides due to the natural barriers the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain ranges create.

JAMES SUCKLING 94 POINTS - "A bright and dense red with vivid lemon character, blueberries and stone. A firm and silky tannin structure. Full-bodied, but remains agile and energetic. This is half the normal production due to a short crop. 65% cement and the rest aged in used oak."
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