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BLOOM is a delicate floral London Dry Gin, inspired by the natural flora of an English country garden. Chamomile, pomelo and honeysuckle were chosen as the three key botanicals - each one helping in its own unique way to create a more delicate and subtle gin drinking experience. The citrus notes from pomelo bring lightness and freshness to the flavor, the edible nectar of the honeysuckle provides a rich smoothness, while chamomile drifts like a feather through the gin, infusing a gentle floral calmness into the taste. The delicacy and distinctiveness of these key botanicals effortlessly complements the juniper which is at the very heart of all gins. BLOOM is recommended to be served with strawberries and tonic as it enhances the floral flavour profile of BLOOM. The subtle sweetness of both strawberry and the honeysuckle notes from BLOOM is complemented by the light citrus note of pomelo. When tonic water is added, the quinine subtly heightens this flavour for an interesting alternative to a the classic Gin & Tonic.
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