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For our Wine of the Month #2 in August we're proud to feature an Italian winery that, though relatively small, many Italian wine lovers know well. The Bisci winery and vineyards lie in the central Italian region called Le Marche (MAR-kay), which doesn't benefit from the fame of tourist hotspots like the (understandably) romanticized hills of Chianti. Instead, they've built up recognition for the small Matelica Valley growing region by making high-quality whites and reds at reasonable prices, and letting word of mouth do the rest. Tucked away from Mediterranean influence, the inland valley has a more dramatic climate, yielding wines of great structure and restrained fruit ripeness. Sourced from only 5-acres of organically farmed vineyards, the Rosso Fogliano is a classic Marche mixture of plump and plummy Merlot with the bright cherry and dried herbs of Sangiovese. Like many Italian wines, it really shines with a good meal!

Aromas of firm plum and red cherry with dried herbs create an enticing perfume; in the mouth, the gentle, fine-grained tannin and earthy-herbal qualities provide a firm ground for the silky-textured fruit to splash upon. The medium-bodied weight is a seamless balance of plumpness and firm, fresh acidity. The wine finishes with a moderate length, favoring those earthy-herbal qualities meshed with an almost cordial-like density of cherry and plum. No oak was used in making the wine. This is perfect for dishes with cooked tomato and sausage with rosemary, but will be a flexible partner with a variety of Mediterranean dishes. Buon appetito!
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