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"Big Gin is the fruition of copious test batches," says Ben Capdevielle, the founder and master distiller at Captive Spirits (Capdevielle is a third-generation distiller). "We tested different botanicals, techniques and equipment in order to find the perfect recipe. Ultimately, we concluded that test batch #27 was the old-world, dry gin that we had been searching for."Infused with a blend of nine different botanicals (juniper, coriander, bitter orange peel, grains of paradise, angelica, cassia, cardamon, orris and Tasmanian pepper berry) and distilled through a 100-gallon Vendome copper pot still, the gin has a bold aroma of pine and black pepper, with touches of orange, lemon and juniper on the palate.

Captive Spirits' Bourbon-Barreled Big Gin is made using Capdevielle's traditional gin, but is matured for six months in barrels that were previously used to age Kentucky bourbon. As a result, it has a more complex and rounded flavor profile, with pronounced notes of oak and spices and a subtle citrusy undertone.
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