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Winemaker's Notes: "As in years past, this 2017 bottling is very dark and rich by Pinot Noir standards. But in this vintage, it's the complexity that is absolutely uncanny. In the nose, there is almost an extreme presentation of earth with gobs of spice. It's to the point where if I had to pin a single concept on it, it would be SPECTACLE. There is a sweetness in the nose that is like a baked, almost smoky mocha. I have never smelled anything quite like it. The fruit is identifiably cherries on the nose and palate, but it is enveloped by the beautiful French oak that was hand made for me by my buddy, Jerome Fouailly, in Burgundy. In the finish, there is a density of fruit and fineness of tannin that I find in very few Pinots. For a full presentation of how good this vineyard is, let the wine rest in the bottle for a few years or more. If, before then, your corkscrew calls, it is a rich wine, so you will definitely enjoy it. I recommend at least putting it in a nice big glass so it gets some air and a chance to wake up just a bit. Over the next couple years, decanting it would not be a bad idea."
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