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Azunia's agave comes from one of the oldest agave growing families in the Tequila, Jalisco region of Mexico. Azunia pinas are pressed 3 times to maximize juice extraction. Natural fermentation used, no commercial yeasts added. Double distilled (heads and tails discarded) and filtered for purity. Jim Riley, founder and Bill Walton, partner would like to salute you for selecting their tequila and offer a commitment to provide the finest quality in ultra-premium tequila.

Our Añejo is a “sip-able” ultra-premium tequila that is aged in excess of 12-months in American Oak barrels for a smooth, buttery finish of vanilla, chocolate and caramel. This alluring classic añejo has a nose full of fruit and caramel. This is the perfect tequila for mixing a refreshing Walkin’ Walton or pouring the tequila straight to experience the full flavor for expertise aging for an relaxing evening.
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