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Avuá Cachaça is made from 100% estate grown sugar cane harvested from a small town situated just three hours outside of Rio de Janeiro. The sugar cane is grown on the town's sharp slopes in an intense, subtropical environment, and is hand-cut by local farmers before being crushed using a waterwheel-powered grinder. The sugarcane juice extracted from the grinder is then strained and fermented using local airborne yeast into a wash called garapa (garapa is used figuratively to mean "a good thing.")

The garapa is then distilled using an ancient process derived from the Iberian method of distillation in copper alembic stills. After distillation, Avuá Cachaça Amburana is aged up to two years in a highly sought after Brazilian wood known as amburana, leading to a warm and savory flavor. This wood, one of the key ingredients in French perfuming since the late 1800s, offers a stunning and unique palate.

After aging, each bottle of Avuá Cachaça is brought to proof by hand. The cachaça has savory notes of nutmeg and honey, which are nicely balanced with warm notes of spices and basil.
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