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If you’re a bourbon drinker who’s been curious about dabbling into a single malt but have been afraid of those fiery smoke bombs, then you’re in for a treat. I know Scotch whiskies can get really expensive, so it’s difficult to make that transition when you can get a solid bourbon for $25. In my humble opinion, I find that the party doesn’t officially start for a good sipper until you drop $40 (general rule of thumb, though I’ve come across some great $20 Scotches in my time). Auchentoshan American Oak is aged in first fill ex-bourbon casks, so you’ll find that some of this Scotch’s characteristics may be similar to bourbons. Here, on the tongue, I get notes of honey, caramel, almond skins and undertones of citrus when having it neat. Yes, it’s a young whisky, but a well-balanced one. Another key note that makes Auchentoshan unique is that it’s triple distilled, while most Scotches go through a double distillation process. As a result, you may get a lighter mouthfeel than other Scotches that have been distilled twice and find it to be approachable on the palate.
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