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ATANEA 2015 PINOT NOIR is available for purchase

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Organic and biodynamic by design, vibrant fruit balanced by acidity and terroir in profile, Chilean in soul. This Pinot Noir from Atanea is not your everyday, runof- the-mill ‘bargain buster’ wine; instead, it’s a stunning example of how precise, natural vineyard practices in concert with exceptional terroir and fortuitous weather can produce a triple-crown, natural bottling where the price belies the quality by a country mile.

Also of note: only 20mg/liter sulfites before bottling and this Pinot was fermented and aged in stainless steel.

Owner and managing director Baptiste Cuvelier (Léoville- Poyferré, Cuvelier Los Andes) stopped by our store recently, showcasing this Atanea among his stable of excellent wines: “In very few words, what I am intending to do with my new line of wines, Atanea, is to produce very affordable and easy-drinking wines, not harmful for anybody’s health, very faithful to what the varietals are.” By utilizing the coolest parts of Casablanca Valley in Chile, long renowned for their Pinot Noir production (thanks to cooling Pacific Ocean breezes/fog!), Baptiste and team are able to make a wine like this-- true to its varietal nature while grown much further south than, say, its Burgundian or Oregonian cousins. Mission accomplished, Baptiste! This Chilean version stands tall amongst its Pinot breathren.

In the nose, red fruits and berries dominate; notes of framboise, cranberry tea and strawberry balanced with a touch of undergrowth and herbs. The mouthfeel is viscous and rich, the sweet fruit carries over to the palate. Again, cherries, sweet cranberry and strawberries dominate with a touch of baking spice and tempering earth and flinty minerality. Chewy tannins and bright acidity provide excellent structure setting this wine up as a perfect ‘Turkey Day’ pleaser; Atanea has more than enough ‘stuffing’ on its own to pair with the bird and the full spread of Thanksgiving fare. The finish is lengthy and sweet with cherry cold and a red berry medley lasting and lasting. Pick up a few bottles and enjoy the holiday season!


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Additional Info

Country: Chile

Chile has a long viticultural history for a New World wine region dating to the 16th century when the Spanish conquistadors brought Vitis vinifera vines with them as they colonized the region. In the mid-19th century, French wine varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenère and Cabernet Franc were introduced. In the early 1980s, a renaissance began with the introduction of stainless steel fermentation tanks and the use of oak barrels for aging. Wine exports grew very quickly as quality wine production increased. The number of wineries has grown from 12 in 1995 to over 70 in 2005. Reasons for this sudden expansion varies, but all are essential to understanding Chilean wine culture. The largest factor, and arguably most prominent, relates to the large amount of French families immigrating to Chile during the late 20th century. The French were able to share their fine tastes and experience with the native Chileans, expanding their knowledge of the wine world. Chile is now the fifth largest exporter of wines in the world, and the ninth largest producer. The climate has been described as midway between that of California and France. The most common grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carmenère.

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a red wine grape variety of the species Vitis vinifera. Pinot Noir grapes are grown around the world, mostly in the cooler regions, but the grape is chiefly associated with the Burgundy region of France. Other regions that have gained a reputation for Pinot Noir include the Willamette Valley of Oregon, the Carneros, Central Coast and Russian River AVAs of California, the Walker Bay wine region of South Africa, Tasmania and Yarra Valley in Australia and the Central Otago, Martinborough and Marlborough wine regions of New Zealand. Pinot Noir is also a primary variety used in sparkling wine production in Champagne and other wine regions. It is widely considered to produce some of the finest wines in the world, but is a difficult variety to cultivate and transform into wine. The grape's tendency to produce tightly packed clusters makes it susceptible to several viticultural hazards involving rot that require diligent canopy management. The thin-skins and low levels of phenolic compounds lends Pinot to producing mostly lightly colored, medium bodied low tannin wines that can often go through dumb phases with uneven and unpredictable aging. When young, wines made from Pinot Noir tend to have red fruit aromas of cherries, raspberries and strawberries. As the wines age, Pinots have the potential to develop vegetal and "barnyard" aromas that can contribute to the complexity of the wine.