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Ardbeg is a distillery with two centuries under its belt and it was forced to close down twice. In 1999, The Ardbeg Committee was founded to prevent such a tragedy to happen again. Ardbeg Twenty One was an exclusive bottling for the members in 2016 and is a rare piece of Scotch history.

Tasting Notes,

Nose: Rich and full-bodied, this unique vatting of Ardbeg perfectly combines deep peaty and richly aromatic notes. At full strength the aroma is a heady combination of rich fruits and spices interwoven with peat smoke and iodine. Cherries, orange peel and blackcurrants are all discovered; with the sweetness of marzipan, rum and raisins and Christmas cake. Boiling sweets (cloves and aniseed balls) and roasted coffee simmer beneath the surface.

Taste: Rich and exceptionally deep with peat, the mouthfeel is initially mouthfilling, tingly and mouthwatering as the fruit, oak spices and layers of peat smoke caress every taste bud.

Palate: Boiling sweets (menthol and cloves), apples and a salty tang set the taste buds watering; immediately followed by the enormity and dryness of peat revealing birch moss, wood smoke and freshly ground coffee.

Finish: Very long, dry and intensely smoky and peaty, with ground coffee and bitter almonds.
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