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Appleton Rums demonstrate the bold beauty of Jamaican Rum with defined, articulate elegance and Appleton Estate 12 is a perfect manifestation of that goal. All the rums contained in Appleton Estate are a blend of rums aged for a minimum of 12 Years. This long aging in a tropical climate produces a robust, quaff-able, contemplative rum that will hold its own alongside any other fine aged spirits. The aromas of polished leather, brown sugar, wood resin, stewed tropical fruits, oily nuts, overripe orange zest and orange blossoms evoke a lusciously rich invitation that seems gilded with sapid caramel. The flavors follow the aromas to show the lovely scents as delectable flavors in an impeccable structure holding remarkable balance. The finish lingers deliberating an exuberant recapitulation of the marvelous refinement displayed on the palate. This rum is complex, intricate and exquisite; try this neat or with an ice cube.
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