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When searching for a wine of the month this time of year, we're always mindful of food and wine pairing as the holiday table can be a bit challenging to pair wine with (turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, etc.). Our aim every month is to find the best wine around the $10-12 price point to highlight for the month. We look at many factors, from weather to holidays, when making our decision and, naturally, in November, we want a wine that will be able to take on the varieties and vagaries the Thanksgiving meal provides. The wine has to be great on its own (and this is!), but we want more. We want a great wine that will fit with the season and culture. And, like it flew down from the heavens, this Angeline 2021 California Pinot Noir is the deus ex machina we want and need for the rainbow of textures and flavors a traditional turkey feast showcases. Talk about a lovely, fresh Pinot!

The nose starts with cherry and cranberry fruits leading to hints of wood spice, midnight garden, cola nut and cacao. The fruit's definitely the star but the supporting cast adds lovely depth. In the mouth, the fruits still take the limelight as cherries and raspberries meld with a streak of darker fruits, blueberry and black raspberry, as light baking spices, sassafras and just a hint of licorice shine in the wings. What really makes this wine ideal for November, setting aside that it's delicious, is the structure this wine contains. Zippy acidity and broad, forward tannins will help this wine cut through the rich, flavorful foods many of us will enjoy at the end of the month.

The most profound contributing factor to the outstanding quality of Angeline's 2021 California Pinot Noir, and the integrity to its varietal, is the diversity of its sourcing. Because it is not relegated to a single county or growing region, the winemakers have the opportunity to source from the best Pinot Noir regions throughout the state. From the warmer regions of the Central Coast, to the foggy cool valleys of California's Northern Coast, each individual lot promotes the intense berry and spice flavors quintessential to Pinot Noir. We love when we find a wine that so perfectly fits the bill for the month and Angeline's 2021 Pinot Noir is the one!
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