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For a touch of style at the end of a meal--it is easy to recommend Amaro Montenegro. Not familiar with Italian Amari? These spirits encompass a wide and diverse genre of liqueurs that mix aromatic and sweet elements with lightly bitter herbal finesse. In Italy, Amaro Montenegro is not only the most popular Amaro, it's actually the most widely sold spirit of any kind. The recipe is so closely guarded that Amaro Montenegro is produced in two facilities, each creating only half of the blend which is later assembled by one of a handful of master distillers. So while we will never know exactly what is inside the bottle, Amaro Montenegro is the supplest and most aromatic Amaro. It's made with over 40 secret botanicals that include black licorice, saffron and delicate incense qualities that weave a magnificent tapestry of flavor against a solid herbal foundation.

Montenegro is a perfect way to end a meal neat; it is excellent on the rocks or with coffee. We've found dozens of non-traditional uses as well; for example, a terrific, simple summer cocktail: pour 2 oz. Montenegro with 3 oz. Ginger beer, 3/4 oz. Lemon juice over the rocks and let life's trouble wash away into tasty oblivion.
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