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Classic quality Sanlúcar nose with lots of saline maritime yeastiness and all the dry grassy herbal strawy, overripe apple notes one would expect, but this is serious with lots of acelaldehyde, gently oxidative and with slight almond notes. It smells very yeasty yet not particularly bitter as some of that is from the bottom of the butt and much more complex, and it would really like to become a natural Amontillado, only they keep refreshing it, almost monthly.Full and intense, dry and tangy, saline with a faintly rancio mineral note. It is virtually a Manzanilla Pasada with all the wonderful nuances that entails. Acidity is fairly low yet it is enough, along with a hint of bitterness, to balance beautifully with a trace of glycerine and that cabezuela character. It even has a modest texture giving it feel which adds a dimension to its great length. Superb.
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You're reviewing:ALEXANDER JULES MANZANILLA SHERRY 8/41 500ML Bottled June 2017.