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Leading the Sake industry in Japan out of Iwate Prefecture is Akabu’s 6th Generation, the young and talented Master Brewer, Ryunosuke Furudate, guided by his passion, along with his team, harnesses every bit of soul to evolve sake production as we know it. Akabu Junmai Ginjo opens with aromas of apple followed by tastes of green melon and cantalope. It is luscious, clean and pure. This sake’s acidity and refreshing sweetness are well balanced and is only pasteurized once making it "namatsume or namazume" to keep its freshness. Please try your best to keep refrigerated.

Sake Brewery Akabu, Morioka City
Prefecture: Iwate
Recommended temperature Best served chilled.
Recommended dishes salads with citrus fruit, carpaccio
Grade: Junmai Ginjo
Rice Polishing Ratio (seimaibuai): 50% Technically a Daiginjo.
Alcohol: 15%
Rice: Gin Ginga (from Iwate Prefecture)
Yeast: Iwate Yeast
Water: Morioka water
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