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When the weather starts to warm up and summer is peeking around the corner, we strive to find wines that will keep us cool and match up with the lighter fare the climate calls for. We actually tasted this Chard from Aerena back in early April and thought it would be the perfect call for June-- so here it is!

Aerena's 2019 North Coast Chardonnay is beautifully balanced with rich viscosity and a lush mouthfeel countered by appropriate acidity and minerality. And don't forget the fruit! The nose is loaded with ripe, spicy fruits, tropicals and orchard fruits such as peach, apricot and guava. Notes of lanolin, rain barrel and mineral add depth and secondary nuances.

In the mouth, the richness glides across the palate as forward flavors of white peach and Anjou pear are bolstered by hints of citrus, toasted almonds and Tupelo honey as a brilliant supporting cast. Clean streaks of acidity keep this wine light and lively making it an ideal warm-weather companion. And speaking of companions, pair this with some whitefish tacos, triple-cream cheeses, seasonal veggie platter or nigiri sushi; and invite the fam over to enjoy it all with you. Lastly, don't let the Stelvin screw-off cap fool you! This wine drinks more like a $20+ bottle than an under-$13.

Aaron Pott and Kyle Mizuno (Blackbird Vineyards) are the artisans behind ÆRENA Wines. They feel that wine is as unique as art in that it is ephemeral; once it is consumed, it is gone. In farming and winemaking, Aaron and Kyle strive to communicate a vineyard's sense of place - by working the wine at the right time to expose the best characteristics of variety and site. Their winemaking philosophy is simple, "let the wines speak for themselves and don't screw it up."

With their 2019 North Coast Chard, their philosophy is clearly evident.
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