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LUCA MARONI 99 POINTS - "Sensations: pure juice, new juice, juice that is aroma, that runs violet into the glass, untouched, pure, clothed in a perfume Read More...
that from wild fruit and flower pollen offers the sweetest olfactory frequencies. The heights of fragrance, essence of the grape, and floral fruitiness that truly and rarely sound so crystalline, bathed to such an edible extent in such marvelous purple. An array of perfume in which raspberry and strawberry are at their maximum level of intensity with geranium and rose whose petals, just opened, still exhibit their primal aroma. A taste in which there are only the harmonious and vivid suppleness of its native grape. A prime material of absolute concentration and power, a majestic, sumptuous vehicle for its sensory and compositional quality. One of the most marvelously perfumed wines of Italy, in a version among the most consistent, balanced and integral ever. The person who experiences this diadem of fragrance—strawberry-like and resounding—will retain the memory of a wine representing the height of feeling and nature radiating in an aroma ethereal and profound."

Ruché (roo kay) is an Italian red wine varietal from the Piedmont region that is largely used in making Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato which is a small production that was elevated to DOCG status in 2011. Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato is one of the lowest production varietals in Italy and has been grown in the area for at least one hundred years but has only recently been marketed and consumed outside of Piedmont. Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato is medium bodied with notes of pepper and wild berries and floral aromas on the nose. The wine is often characterized by moderate acidity and soft tannins.
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