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LUCA MARONI 99 POINTS - "It is thanks to the vintage’s warmth, but also to the reduced yield and the selective viticulture that for its first time the Ruchè Read More...
donates such a fleshy thickness. Tannins are pronounced enough to evolve those strawberries you get on the nose and to the taste assuming the sublime fleshiness of a blackberry. The aroma’s masculinity increases in volume, no damage being done to the fruit’s wonderful smoothness, striped in sweetness and veins of forest berries which are integral and sharp to the olfaction just like still in the raw. The taste’s balance gives harmonious softness counterpointed by tannic savory and corroborated by mineral salinity. This is truly a wine whose viticultural and oenological value is sublime; it is a naturalistic and technical creation whose analytical merit appeals universally to the senses"

Ruché (roo kay) is an Italian red wine varietal from the Piedmont region that is largely used in making Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato which is a small production that was elevated to DOCG status in 2011. Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato is one of the lowest production varietals in Italy and has been grown in the area for at least one hundred years but has only recently been marketed and consumed outside of Piedmont.

One of the best things about working at Hi-Time is sifting through thousands upon thousands of wines each year before finally falling upon a real under-the-radar gem. That's exactly what happened a couple of years ago during a trip to Italy when we came upon this incredibly cool wine. We had never heard of Ruche’, but once we tasted it we were stunned; it was unlike anything else we had ever tasted! We brought it into the store and our customers embraced it enthusiastically, turning this little known grape into one of our most popular Italian wines. Before we knew it, we were in the midst of a Ruche’ craze! We’re thrilled to announce the latest vintage of Ruche has arrived and the new vintage is every bit as good as previous vintages if not better!

Ruche produces a wine of character, which is impossible to confuse with any other. It is one of the few aromatic red grapes in the world and its aromas leap from the glass with attractive florals and lavender. The 2013 Ruche di Castagnole Monferrato wine received the coveted Tre-Bicchieri (Three Glasses) award from noted Italian critic, Gambero Rosso as well as a Gold Medal at the Decanter Wine Awards. Italian wine critic Luca Maroni has called this wine, “An absolute masterwork of nature, technique, humanity and pure passion" and gave the 2013 Ruche’ di Castagnole Monferrato a 99 point rating.

For more information on this exceptional grape and wine, please click here to visit our Hi-Time Blog.
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