Top Spirits of 2015

Master's Keep is delicate yet distinctly Wild Turkey. With a smooth and silky introduction that transforms into caramel and vanilla sweetness, and finishes with a satisfying burst of spiciness and oak, it is one of the finest sipping whiskies to ever come from the distillery. It is a golden hue, perhaps lighter than one might expect from a 17 year old whiskey. The color is attributed to the whiskey’s time in the stone warehouses, where the liquid would have less interaction with the barrel’s charred wood thanks to the cooler temperatures within.

Delivered in a distinguished bottle that reflects the craftsmanship and passion that went into the Bourbon itself, Master's Keep is made of the highest quality crystalline glass. The bottle's unparalleled clarity showcases the rich color of the liquid, while the intricately embossed work of art brings the iconic image of the wild turkey to life in a way that you can see and feel in exquisite detail.
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Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a marriage of some of the finest hand-selected bourbon available, celebrates the return of Yellowstone to the family of Limestone Branch founders Steve and Paul Beam – and the many fine bourbons to come.

Appearance: Dark, rich amber
Nose: Sweet fig, cinnamon toast with a hint of oaked caramel and vanilla
Palate: Toffee, dried leather, oaked vanilla
Finish: Rye notes with a cinnamon spice finish

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"Here’s what’s hard to believe: Jack Daniel’s has never released a barrel strength whiskey. That’s changing, with the release of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof, the company’s first-ever cask strength offering. The whiskey isn’t a terribly complicated idea: Take the JD Single Barrel Select and don’t water it down. Single Barrel is a consistent 94 proof, but these are bottled at whatever the cask gives you, ranging from 125 to 140 proof, depending on the bottle you get. The nose offers maple syrup, caramel sauce, and a little barrel char. On the body, it doesn’t drink like something that is 2/3rds alcohol. In fact, it really needs no water at all to be approachable, though less seasoned whiskey drinkers may want to add a splash. The palate is rich with more of that caramel, butterscotch, a touch of cloves and a lengthy, vanilla-fueled finish. Big, bold body — but it’s not overpowering in the slightest. The char isn’t overly evident here, which lets the sweetness really shine. All told, it’s a fantastic whiskey that stands as arguably the best thing ever to come out of the JD empire. Rating: A." -Drinkhacker.com

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Bourbon Cream is handcrafted using Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, making it a perfect marriage of rich delicious cream and smooth Kentucky bourbon. You can enjoy it chilled, on the rocks, or pour it in a cup of coffee for an indulgent after dinner treat. Tasting notes: this liqueur is rich and sweet; the smooth taste of Buffalo Trace Bourbon compliments the creamy vanilla flavor. Haven't taken the distillery tour yet? Try the Buffalo Float, “the adult root beer float,” at home.
Buffalo Float – The grown up Root Beer Float!

•2 oz Buffalo Trace Distillery Bourbon Cream
•4 oz root beer
Combine in glass and serve.
For extra richness, pour over 1 scoop vanilla ice-cream.

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Hibiki is a harmonious blend of innumerous malt and grain whiskies which are meticulosly blended to create a full orchestra of flavors and aromas. Seductive, blossoming and enigmatic, Hibiki celebrates an unrivaled art of blending, fine craftsmanship and a sense of luxury from the House of Suntory. Hibiki is not only Japan’s most highly awarded blended whisky, but among the most prestigious and honored whiskies in the world.
Nose: Quite full. There are notes of honey and wax, resin and oak. There are notes of gentle smoke and cacao, hints of cooked fruit and a nutty note.
Palate: Sweet and rich. There are crisp notes of mixed peels, raisin and custard with a little zest and plenty of oak.
Finish: Long with notes of oak and cocoa and sherried peels.

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The entry level bottling from Scotland's most northerly distillery, Highland Park, aged for 12 years with plenty of citrus and green notes.

Tasting Notes
Nose: Fresh, clean and very aromatic. Floral notes abound the senses with a light grassiness. Notes of creamy manuka honey and a touch of juicy citrus with cream and a well-balanced sweetness.
Palate: Rather full with a pleasant subtlety to the depths. Lurking somewhere in the substratum a grilled orange lies. Notes of granary toast and green tea with jasmine. A touch of sweetness.
Finish: Quite long with peppered spicy and wood shavings.
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Nose: Big, with well-balanced sherried notes. Juicy malt, dried fruit (date/fig) Madeira cake. Water brings the sherry notes forward: tea, rubber, oak, but it hasn't taken over.
Palate: Rich, weighty. Elegant. Orange and light wood.
Finish:Long, oaky and winey.
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Autumn Straw Gold in Color. A rich powerful nose. Once past the over 60% nose there is a rich fresh sherry, vanillas, light spiciness, cooking treacle. Even some light tannins present too. A very creamy whisky, coats your mouth with a lovely layer of toffee, fudge and honey. You would never believe that this whisky has such a high percentage of alcohol. A relatively short finish that definately leaves you wanting more. This particular whisky was picked by the staff at Hi-Time Wine Cellars. 95.4 proof--- 273 bottles in this cask.

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An abundance of sensational aromas tease and provoke from the first sniff; candied- oily nuts in brittle toffee and milky crŠme brul‚e elegantly meld with lithesome vanilla, myriads of citrus, walnuts, caramelized honey, dates, flowers, herbs, jasmine, apricots, figs and hazelnuts. On the palate citrus leads to honey, malt and floral tones that transition into treacly nuts, date, fig and svelte back notes of woodsmoke. The finish dawdles enticing with the sublime shades of dried fruit, toasty nuts and magnificent oak spice.

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Nose: Very aromatic and balanced sherry fruits. Raisins. Hints of water-melon, white pepper. Honey and oak.
Palate: Great depth and balance, again. Quite full-bodied, slightly oily and a great many flavours unfolding.
Finish: Long and lingering.
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As a pioneer of whisky blending, Johnnie Walker thrives on innovation and has decided to add flavor and depth to its blends by aging and finishing them in different wood finishes.

The first in a series of wood finishes (each year JW will release a new wood finished blend), JW Select Casks – Rye Cask Finish was developed to appeal to the American palate. By aging the blend in first-fill American Oak casks for 10 years and finishing for three months in American Rye casks (Bulleit), Johnnie Walker has created a taste profile that resembles American Rye whiskies but has the smoothness of Johnnie Walker Scotch.

The single malt at the heart of this blend is Cardhu, a Speyside distillery near Archiestown, Moray, Scotland. The main blend of flavors are derived from the casks in which the blend has been matured. Rye casks elicit flavor notes of pepper and vanilla, while still maintaining the smooth taste of Johnnie Walker Scotch.

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Aurora Borealis ("northern lights") is a natural light display in the sky produced when the magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by the solar wind that the trajectories of charged particles in both solar wind and magnetospheric plasma, mainly in the form of electrons and protons, precipitate them into the upper atmosphere where there energy is lost. This Crystal Head Aurora bottle was created in celebration of this natural display, with its beauty and mysterious visual properties.

Aurora uses high quality English wheat and pristine water from Newfoundland, Canada to craft an additive-free vodka. The vodka is five times distilled and filtered seven times. Three of the filtrations pass through layers of Herkimer diamonds as a final distinctive touch. Instead of exploring different flavors, Aurora was crafted using a different grain. It offers a drier, bolder and spicier vodka while staying true to the Crystal Head house-style. The bottle, with its delicate and iridescent metallized finish, is Crystal Head's tribute to this natural wonder of the world.

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To celebrate their 325 years as distillers (since 1691, 11 generations), the Nolet family has released this special bottling of Ketel One. The copper color of the bottle is a nod to the role copper pot distillation plays in creating Ketel One. The ironwork decoration is inspired by the ironwork above the door to our distillery. 11 coins decorate the sides and back of the bottle. Each represents one of the eleven generations of Nolet family distillers.

The vodka inside is the same Ketel One that has garnered accolades and imbibers over the centuries: top quality vodka. Born of a gentle coal fire under the watchful eye of a Master Distiller, Ketel One is created in limited quantities to preserve its exceptional quality. Only the heart of the distillate, the center of each batch, is considered fine enough to be called Ketel One. The first 100 gallons, and the last, are separated and discarded as being either too harsh or too weak. What remains is consistently the smoothest and most elegant Vodka available. This special technique is time consuming and costly but can only be accomplished by using potstills. The result more than justifies the added care and expense as is readily apparent with the first sampling of Ketel One.

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Dubbed the "Tastemaker's Top Tequila" by Forbes Magazine, this small batch, 100% Blue Agave Joven Tequila is a rare blend of silver tequila and extra aged tequila, rested in new American oak barrels for 5 years. The result of this unique blend is a complex, smooth taste with hints of vanilla and spiced undertones, balanced with delicate notes of pear. The finish is clean and warm with hints of hazelnut and a bright, open aftertaste. Casa Dragones Joven is ideal for sipping and pairing with food.

Casa Dragones Joven comes in a beautiful hand-engraved crystal decanter. Each limited edition bottle is hand-signed and numbered, hallmarking their commitment to quality.

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The attention to making the finest tequila possible starts in the agave fields. The plants grow in a healthy environment and are not harvested until each is over-ripe. A fully ripe agave will have a higher sugar content and acidity than those harvested earlier. This is the foundation for Ocho's concentrated, complex flavor profiles. When the agave reaches maturity, after 7 to 10 years of growth, the ‘jimadores’ (harvesters), along with their tool called ‘coa’ (sharp cutter), are responsible for cutting the leaves in order to get the heart of the plant or ‘piña’ (pineapple) and take it to the distillery for processing and producing tequila. Tequila Ocho values using traditional methods which keep the production process as natural and artisanal as possible. For that reason, only brick ovens are used. Slow cooking helps to obtain agave juice with plenty of sweetness. The ‘piñas’ are cooked (around 80-85 degrees Celsius) for 48 hours and sit in the oven for an additional 24 hours for cooling. The juice that results from the first 8 hours cooking is removed and discarded since it can contain bitterness. (Total 72 hours in oven). The cooked Agave is transferred from the ovens to the mill, where the agave is squeezed to separate the juices from the fibers. The juices are mixed with mineral rich water that comes forth from a natural spring at the distillery. Fermentation takes place in small (3,000 liter capacity) wooden vats made of pine. Proprietary, indigenous, natural yeast is used. The open vats allow airborne yeast and bacteria to freely mix with the must. Fermentation lasts between 4-5 days (96-120 hours), depending on the weather. The double distillation process is performed first in a stainless steel pot still of 3,500 liter capacity and then in a copper pot still of 300 liter capacity. This is done slowly at a low temperature allowing a generous cut of heads and tails to remain in the distillate. It is in these heads and tails where much of the flavor resides. The copper material of the second still imparts a special mouth feel and flavor to the tequila. Tequila Ocho ages in 200 liter American Oak barrels, previously used for ageing American Whiskey. Tequila Ocho uses barrels of many previous fillings -which have become ‘neutralized’- for the minimum time allowed by law to retain as much agave essence as possible. Tequila Ocho is not chill filtered to retain maximum flavor. The labeling is done by hand, with the same care and attention that is evidenced in every other step along the way. This is another example of the personal dedication to creating a tequila in which the human element is most important.

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ArteNOM Selección de 1146 Tequila Añejo is produced by master distiller Enrique Fonseca at Casa Tequileña (elevation: 4,600 feet). Fonseca is a fifth-generation master distiller, and is celebrated for owning one of the largest agave plantations in the Los Altos region. His tequila is distilled twice, first through stainless steel pot stills and then again through copper-pot stills. Sixty percent of Selección ArteNOM 1146 Tequila Añejo was matured for two years in French oak, while the remainder was matured in French oak for three years. Then, the tequilas were expertly married together and aged for an additional year in used American white oak casks. By layering American oak on a French oak base, Fonseca "achieves a comfortable, familiar finish with unparalleled, underlying complexity," says Lustig. Selección ArteNOM 1146 Tequila Añejo has notes of toasted almonds and creamy vanilla, which are followed by layers of dried fruit and baking spices. The long, earthy finish is complemented by hints of vanilla, caramel and oak.

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Named for the originator of world's largest rum brand, Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, the Facundo Rum Collection was born of last year's cele­bration of the 150th anniversary of the family-owned company. Facundo L. Bacardi, the current chairman, as well as the great-great grandson and namesake of the founder, took a hands-on role, and says, "We got together [at the celebration] and reflected that it was time to release some rums that family members have been enjoying for years." An alternate motive behind this sharing was to raise the image of what rum can be, he adds. "We have the rums that can compete with any Cognac and Scotch." - Jack Bettridge

Exquisito, blended from rums of seven, nine and 23 years old, is then finished in Sherry casks for about a month while the rums marry. As well as contributing an array of fruits—nectarine, pear and grape—the Sherry finish recalls the Bacardi family's Spanish heritage. Much of the carefully designed packaging of the collection is also inspired by brand and family history, including its time in Cuba.

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Plantation 20th Anniversary Extra Old Barbados Rum represents the magnum opus of Gabriel's efforts to source the finest Caribbean rum and nurture it to fruition.

The Barbados rum is distilled from sugar cane, which is harvested and then crushed immediately in order to minimize the deterioration of the raw sugar. After the cane has been crushed, the remaining juice is fermented and then distilled through a combination of pot and column stills. While the column still produces a lighter, more sweet rum, the pot still produces a heavier and more vicious spirit.

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Award Winning Richland Rum is handcrafted from pure sugarcane – including cane grown at the proprietor's Estate 'Vennebroeck' in Richland, Georgia - and natural water from the Georgia Aquifer, as the only ingredients. Sourcing and processing of cane syrup, fermentation, distilling, aging and ultimately bottling are all handled in house, or Field To Glass, creating a magnificent SINGLE ESTATE RUM. Artisan crafted, using time honored techniques and authentic equipment to accentuate the beautiful vegetal notes and floral qualities of pure cane syrup, Richland Rum does not contain preservatives, spices, taste enhancers, color agents or additives of any kind. Hand made in America with natural water and American farm products. Aged in virgin American oak barrels. Not blended or imported.

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Nolets Silver Dry Gin is directed toward the cocktail cognoscenti. Leading with aromas of rose geranium, blackberries in cream, raspberries and peaches; the scents are beatific and inviting. The flavors evolve with soft creamy juniper, orris, angelica, cubeb berry and grains of paradise that all seem to imply a comforting walk in a flower/ herb garden buttressed by pine, spruce and cedar trees. The finish is elegant, lengthy and demonstrative with a crisp restatement of the aromas and flavors in a delicate fade. Try this on the rocks, with a twist or in a sexy reinvention of your favorite Gin drink.

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A deep mahogany color. The nose opens on scents of jasmine tea, honeysuckle and walnut, followed by oaky vanilla, chocolate and a hint of curry. The bouquet expands on notes of candied fruit, saffron spices, ginger and honey mingled with nutmeg and cedarwood. Pierre Ferrand Sélection des Anges offers concentrated flavor leading into a very long finish.

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