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Bottle Size: 750ML


The label says “Aur Cymru” which translates into “Welsh gold.” I think that is an appropriate name for this whisky. This was the first distillery in Wales in over 100 years and tasting this wysgi (Welsh word for whisky) I can not for the life of me figure out what the heck they were waiting for! Distilled from malted barley in a custom still, using world famous water and aged in bourbon barrels until they give all they can to the spirit which is then transferred to Madeira barrels to rest until perfection. Penderyn doesn’t tell you how old this whisky is; they aren’t worried about that. The wysgi is bottled when it is perfectly ready. The nose is sweet and fruity, showing fruits like mango, grape, green apples and honey dew melon with oak structure, white tea, nougat, heather and soft vanilla. The palate eloquently translates the aromas into flavors and builds to include herbs, sultanas and tea biscuit. The finish spins to stewed fruit spices and ginger but is comparatively short while maintaining a completely fresh, crisp persistence. This is exquisite whiskey- a treasure to be savored neat, with a drop of water or an ice chip and the time to enjoy it thoroughly. The malts and clean water are put into a 3,000 gallon brew system. Distiller’s yeast is then added to the wort, fermented, and then hauled across the parking lot to the Rogue House of Spirits, double distilled in a copper pot still then aged in charred American white oak barrels. Out of each 3,000 gallon batch, what is left is 100 gallons of Dead Guy Whiskey. The aromas show beer, toasted grains, hints of fresh ground white pepper, over ripe lemon and vanilla taffy. The palate entry is sweet and pleasant with a slight spice at the back palate; surprisingly less complex than the aromas implied, but tasty still. The finish is short, clean and saporous with a creamy beer after taste. Try this neat, on the rocks or in a spirit forward cocktail.
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