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April Newsletter

Mr. Hi-Time's Greatest Hits

While T.S. Eliot famously penned that "April is the cruellest month...", we are reasonably certain he was not thinking of America's "tax day" and the pain (and the occasional if not joy at least relief) that comes with paying the piper. We, however, tend to think of our wallets and bank accounts this time of year and aim toward value when it comes to our newsletter cover. This months cover is our "Greatest Hits" feature looking back at some of our best Wines of the Month from the last 2 years.

Our Wine of the Month is from Southern Rhone. One of the many reasons why we love this region in the south of France are on display in this bottling: the fantastic price of this bottling is trumped by the quality of the wine inside, it will drink wonderfully with or without food, it's easy-going and relaxed, like the Rhône sun.

We also have a California Report, Champagne of the Month and a Sparkler of the Month, a focus on Greece, a Wine of the Month 2, Spirits, Beer, Cigars, Sake and much much more!

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