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Gin: Juniper for the People!

In the United States, gin is defined as an alcoholic beverage of no less than 40% ABV (80 proof) that possesses the characteristic flavor of juniper berries. Gin produced only through distillation or redistillation of aromatics with an alcoholic wash can be further distinguished and marketed as "distilled gin." The EU has four different categories for gin with juniper being the primary flavoring component throughout. The name gin is derived from genièvre (French), jenever (Dutch), and ginepro (Italian), all of which mean "juniper". While juniper is certainly a key element to gin, there are many other botanicals and zeitgeists involved in the making of these spirits-- which opens many new doorways to mixologists at home or behind your favorite watering hole bar. The gins we are featuring today showcase some of the differences found in the gin world, via use of botanicals, stylistic approach and historicity-- yet all are quite incredible in their own right. The tent of gin is spacious and welcoming, with room for many now and more in the future.

Want to hop behind the bar and make your own cocktails? Here's a list of apps that can help:


Anchor Distillery is proud to introduce a third style of gin from their distillery, Anchor Old Tom Gin. Anchor Old \Tom, like its historical predecessors, is pot-distilled with juniper berries and other botanicals, sweeter than modern London dry gin, and bottled unfiltered. But unlike any other Old Tom, its sweetness comes from a blend of two traditional botanicals, star anise and licorice root, and one untraditional one: stevia. While known for centuries by natives of Paraguay, where they source their stevia, this may be stevia's first use in gin, creating a sophisticated silky-sweet complexity that makes Anchor Old Tom perfect for mixing cocktails both old and new. In 1891, Bret Harte called San Francisco "...a dusty drive with a cocktail at the end of it." If that cocktail had been a Tom Collins or a Martinez, it would have been made with Old Tom, a sweet pot-distilled gin enjoyed in San Francisco from the Gold Rush to Prohibition.

$24.99 750ml [106023] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Admittedly, it appears somewhat eccentric to claim that a recipe for gin has the power to unite great British traditions, the exoticness of India, and the purity and nativeness of the Black Forest. And yet it is precisely this eccentricity that defines the enigmatic character of Montgomery Collins, from whom Schwarzwald Dry Gin originates. His childhood as the son of a diplomat in East Asia, his military career among the ruins of Berlin, and his late-adopted home in the Black Forest supply the autobiographical background for a recipe that represents an audacious combination of native Black Forest herbs and berries and exotic Asian botanicals.

A good third of the ingredients for this special gin come from the Black Forest and are definitely not what you would call typical gin flavorings! In total, 47 handpicked ingredients, prepared in extremely soft spring water from their Black Forest source, give MONKEY 47, whose pièce de résistance is the use of local cranberries as some sort of "secret weapon" typical to the Black Forest, its unrivaled complexity and quality, which is fully brought to bear through masterly distillation and maturing in traditional earthenware containers. Whether with tonic, as a sling, martini, or gimlet, the unique and complex taste of Monkey 47 is an ideal basis for both classics and more eccentric cocktails. With the distinct and pure scent of juniper, a tangy and crisp citrus note, a sweet, floral aroma, a hint of peppery spices, subtle bitter fruit, and a deep and harmoniously balanced complexity with a tremendously racy finish!

$39.99 375ml [105018] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Barr Hill comes from Vermont's Caledonia Spirits: "Our work is a celebration of our special connection to the land. Caledonia Spirits, on the banks of the Lamoille River in the Northeast Kingdom, is rooted in the agriculture of Vermont. Hardwick, Caledonia County, is a community inspired by farms where the production of milk, cheese, timber, vegetables, grains, seeds, honey, and herbs, are part of our lives and help define our place. We use pure grain spirits as a canvas to showcase juniper berry and raw northern honey. Added just before bottling, the raw honey imparts unique floral qualities that vary with season and blossom."

$34.99 750ml [104894] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin has bursts of Citrus balanced with the rich, earthy aromas and a soft spice. Opihr epitomises the exotic intensity of the Orient, awakening the senses to a new style of gin.

Nose: A rich oriental spiced gin with a smooth perfume and sharp bursts of citrus. Key notes of cumin and cardamom provide a warm earthy background balanced with the grapefruit peel.
Taste: Soft camphor, some sweetness and oriental spices create a warm mouth feel that lingers but does not increase in intensity.
Finish: Long length with soft cracked black pepper and spice.

$32.99 750ml [106535] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


BROOKLYN GIN is handcrafted one small batch at a time using traditional artisan spirit making methods and without compromises. It begins with selecting and preparing the finest natural ingredients for our carefully honed recipe. We hand-crack juniper berries and use fresh hand cut citrus peels to release essential oils and bring out the true essence and complexity of the ingredients. The time and effort that goes into crafting BROOKLYN GIN results in a superbly smooth gin that is fresh, complex and flavorful with a long clean sublime finish.

$39.99 750ml [105328] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

The Dry French Rosés Are Here!

We love this time of year, regardless of the recent persnickety weather, as late spring and early summer see a panoply of dry French rosés (a bit slower than normal this year due to a certain dock strike along our coast) make it to our shores.

The colors (within the rosé wine spectrum) are as varied as the flavors, from cherry gloss reddishness to classic carnation pink, orangeish salmon to desert sand and light clay. Flavors are sparked by much uplifting acidity in various amounts, lending a fresh, clean feeling to these wines (and thereby making them natural foils against warmer weather and excellent to pair with the foods we eat during the spring and summer seasons). While not sweet per se, these wines are flavorful. Whether it's a cornucopia of stone fruit flavors fresh from the orchard, minerality, salinity or spice, these are eminently quaffable and enjoyable. Another key factor to why we love these wines is their price-- these wines are affordable!

We are highlighting eight rosés today but will be tasting a total of 12 at our wine bar on Saturday, May 24th.


Magali is made from a blend of four grapes: Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet. It has a gorgeous transparent salmon pink color and offers a flattering bouquet of citrus fruits and red fruit. Evoking apricot and grapefruit well balanced alongside light minerality and acidity in mouth. It is a perfect wine for a warm afternoon or paired with white pasta, roasted herb chicken, or a mushroom risotto.

$14.99 750ml [344221] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

40% Grenache - 40% Cinsault - 20% Syrah | 50hl/ha

A traditional Rosé with an attractive salmon pink colour. It’s refined and complex bouquet has both fruity and floral notes. On the palate, it has a fresh yet rich, smooth and well-balanced taste. This is a dry sophisticated wine with a delicate and full flavour. It is excellent with light meals and delicate sauces, grills and spicy dishes. It should be enjoyed chilled

$19.99 750ml [344229] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Domaine Philippe Gilbert's Menetou-Salon Rosé is a wine of structure and finesse, with exceptional length. The breed of Pinot Noir marries well to the terroir of this appellation that is becoming increasingly appreciated for the reds of depth and savor that it produces.

$22.99 750ml [322853] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


From the prettiest village on the Mediterranean comes one of the finest of our rosés. The Cassis Rosé gives expression to the intense minerality that comes from the white stone cliffs that provide background to these vineyards; but there is also a gracious and silky texture that makes this most satisfying and the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish freshly caught. A blend of 40% Cinsault, 35% Grenache and 25% Mourvèdre. A brilliant companion to the compelling white from this estate that also demands your attention.

$24.99 750ml [344228] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Yves Leccia has a certain presence and noble bearing to him, much like his wines. In France they have often been referred to as the “Rolls-Royce” of Corsican wines, a reputation earned after nearly 30 years of making consistently elegant and sophisticated wines.

$24.99 750ml [344240] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Made exclusively of Pinot Noir hand-harvested from several parcels … a mix of Oxfordian “caillottes” and Kimmeridgian “marne”. This Rosé is made using the direct press method with the whole berries entering the pressoir , fermentation lasted for approximately 20 days. The musts ferment in temperature-controlled cuves (85%) as well as a small percentage in older barrels (15%). The fermentation occurs over three weeks. The wines is bottled in the spring of the following year.

It is round with lovely length. A very pleasant and delectable wine, perfect to serve throughout an entire meal. Goes very well with spicy, exotic dishes, or with fish or barbecued meats.

$29.95 750ml [305961] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Domaine de l’Abbaye, surrounded by terraces was once connected to the Abbey of Thoronet. At that time, the monks were cultivating the land that now belongs to Frank Petit. In 1990 this Cuvée was the first to be rated 3 stars by the Guide Hachette in France.

60% Syrah, 10% Cinsault 30% Grenache

Festive wine to be opened at any time of the day & special occasion... Aperitif, with seafood raw or cooked lobster, fish and meat dishes but also exotique cuisines.

$24.99 750ml [333563] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
Click HERE to see all of our French Roses

For the Money, One of the Best Washington Syrahs We Have Tasted!

We have the “tough job” of tasting through countless wines each day, not only to weed out the ones that have no real merits, but to also find the ones that are worthy of your hard earned dollars. Well, recently we tasted this beauty, and while it sometimes does take quite a bit to make our buyers enthusiastic for new labels, this new Syrah from Tenet put a big smile on our faces!

Tenet is a new joint venture of wine gurus from two continents; Philippe Cambie and Michel Gassier from France, and Bob Bertheau from Washington! Philippe Cambie is regarded as one of the masters of Chateauneuf du Pape. He has fifteen 100-point wines to his credit, was named Enologist of the Year by Robert Parker in 2010, and chronicled as “Chateauneuf-du-Pape’s Driving Force” by Wine Spectator! Michel Gassier’s have garnered much attention by both French and international media, due to his rigorous process for selecting vineyards for his wines produced in the south of France, and his wines have become reference points for Costieres di Nimes. While in California, Bob Bertheau learned vinification techniques from some of the true masters, including Bob Sessions at Hanzell Vineyards and David Ramey at Chalk Hill. Bob has applied these skills at Washington’s Chateau Ste Michelle, and those wines have garnered praise among consumers and critics. They have now combined their decades of experience to produce a wine that demonstrates why Washington State is one of the best growing regions in the world for Syrah!

Approximately 10% of the lots were fermented as whole clusters, with the remaining lots fermented as de-stemmed grapes. The inclusion of stems during fermentation contributes earthy, savory aromas and flavors that perfectly complement the pure fruit character of the grapes. To further enhance these complexities, about 13% of the lots also underwent extended maceration. After fermentation, a majority of the young wine was placed into neutral French oak barrels for aging, with the remainder aged in tight-grained new French and American oak barrels. The use of neutral and tighter-grained barrels helps to preserve the unique character of the wine itself.


The Pundit expresses finesse and balance, uniting a traditional Rhône style with all the attitude of the great Columbia Valley wines. You’ll never look at Washington Syrah the same way again! A blend of 94% Syrah, 3% Grenache, 2% Mourvèdre, and 1% Viognier (co-fermented with Syrah), this wine shows a dark color with bright ruby highlights. Intense nose of dark cherry, cocoa, vanilla and hints of black truffles. The mouth feel is unctuous, with flavors of candied plum, cherry pie and vanilla. The finish is soft and seamless.

$17.99 750ml [267080] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Chateau Margaux Direct From Bordeaux!

We just received an allocation of several wines from different vintages direct from Chateau Margaux. Some of you were fortunate enough to attend last year’s Chateau Margaux wine dinner at the Golden Truffle where many of these wines were featured. The wines paired brilliantly with the haut cuisine expertly prepared by Chef Alan Greely.

Of course, the flagship wine of Chateau Margaux needs little introduction as it is classified as one of the First Growths of Bordeaux and renowned as one of the greatest wines in the world. Pavillon Rouge is a superlative wine whose level of quality consistently exceeds its designation as the “second wine” of Chateau Margaux. It was certainly a revelation to many in attendance at the dinner. Pavillon Blanc is the only white wine produced by Chateau Margaux. This Sauvignon Blanc based bottling is known for its ability to pair with a wide range of foods with the wine gaining additional complexity and a tremendous savory quality with age.

With these wines arriving ex-chateau direct from Bordeaux, the provenance is guaranteed. These bottles have always been stored in a temperature controlled environment and are in pristine condition. Enjoy these world class wines while they last!

PAVILLON BLANC 2006 - $250.00 750ml [344216] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
PAVILLON BLANC 2011 - $250.00 750ml [344217] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
PAVILLON BLANC 2012 - $225.00 750ml [344219] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

PAVILLON ROUGE 2000 - $250.00 750ml [344210] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
PAVILLON ROUGE 2005 - $225.00 750ml [344211] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
PAVILLON ROUGE 2009 - $225.00 750ml [344212] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
PAVILLON ROUGE 2010 - $225.00 750ml [344214] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


ROBERT PARKER 94 POINTS - "The sexy, dark plum/purple-colored 1999 Margaux is already revealing complex aromatics. This surprisingly charming and round offering is reminiscent of a vintage such as 1985. Although neither a blockbuster nor a heavyweight, it grows in the mouth revealing tremendous length as well as purity. Administrator Paul Pontallier prefers it to the more austere 1998, as do I. This is an archetypical Chateau Margaux of richness, finesse, balance, and symmetry. It can be drunk young, but promises to age nicely for two decades. Extrapolating backwards, it would probably have something in common with the underrated 1962 Medocs."

$595.00 750ml [344208] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


WINE SPECTATOR 94 POINTS - "This is lovely, with enticing, velvety plum sauce, macerated red currant fruit, black tea and incense notes that have melded beautifully. This shows a lovely tug of earth at the very end, retaining some grip for further cellaring, despite being approachable now. A lovely wine.—Non-blind Château Margaux vertical (December 2013). Drink now through 2029. 12,500 cases made."

$757.00 750ml [344209] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Fascinating Tuscan Wines!

Tuscany is a land of bounty, with a tradition of nobility and the ability to grow almost any crop. This is especially true when it comes to grapes, which ripen beautifully in the rolling Tuscan hills. This region is home to the fabulous wines of Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and the Super Tuscans of Bolgheri. Lesser known outside of Italy is the appellation of Carmignano. With only 11 producers farming 500 hectares, most of this iconic wine is consumed in Italy.

As in Chianti, the majority of the grapes used in the red wine are Sangiovese, but the appellation of Carmignano mandates the wine contain 10-20% Cabernet Franc. The Cabernet Franc adds lush, ripe fruit to the blend, enhancing the supple texture and drinkability of these wines. We are pleased to bring in three fantastic bottlings from the Piaggia Winery, which showcase the wines Carmignano is capable of producing.

For more information on our visit with Piaggia winemaker Silvia Vannucci and the fascinating history of Carmignano, please click HERE to view our blog.


Deep, intense ruby red. Complex on the nose, reminiscent of Maraschino cherries, sweet spices, thyme and cocoa. Full and enveloping on the palate with an excellent balance of fruit, acid and tannins, and a persistent finish. This wine pairs well with mature cheeses, red meat and game.

$35.98 750ml [301580] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


The Carmignano Riserva is the flag ship wine of Piaggia, showcasing its Sangiovese blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. This a selection of the finest barrels produced at the winery and regarded as perhaps the best wine produced in the Carmignano appellation.

STEPHEN TANZER 92 POINTS - "Deep, penetrating aromas of ripe black cherry and cassis complicated by cedar and graphite. Big, deep and rich, but with lively harmonious acidity framing and lifting the ripe red and dark fruit flavors. Finishes smooth and very concentrated, but with an element of gracefulness and refinement that is lacking in the Il Sasso vineyard. Owner Mauro Vannucci believes in harvesting the ripest fruit possible and Piaggia often starts picking its merlot grapes when others have finished harvesting their cabernets! Most of the grapes used for this wine come from the Piaggia vineyard that Vannucci bought in the 1970s from the nearby Capezzana estate. It's a fascinating old vineyard (the vines average roughly 35 years of age), where it's easy to recognize many old vines of cabernet (these are at least 50 years old) co-planted haphazardly among the rows of mainly Sangiovese."

$49.95 750ml [303984] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


This 100% Cabernet Franc based wine was recently chosen to receive the coveted Tre Bicchieri award for quality Italian wines. Tre Bicchieri (“Three Glasses”) wines are deemed to be the best in Italy and were selected from 25,000 wines produced by 2000 wineries. This Cabernet Franc is world class, displaying a soft, supple wine which is also quite capable of aging.

Deep and intense ruby red with purple highlights. Complex aromas reveal violets, currants, mocha and licorice. On the palate, the wine is mouth-filling and full-bodied with well-integrated tannins, red and dark fruit, exotic spices and a pleasant earthiness culminating in a long finish. This is a delight to enjoy on its own or with a nice steak.

$64.95 750ml [303894] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Rum Saturday: Sip, Mix, Repeat!

With all the interest in brown spirits over the last few years, it's no surprise to us that rum is more and more showing up on many imbibers' drink radars. Pricing, in general, in the rum aisle is some of the most consumer-friendly in all the liquor categories. Which ties in to this point: getting an aged rum with immense character and flavor in any other liquor flavor (like bourbon, Scotch or tequila) would set you back a bit more than our single cask Hi-Time selected 24-year-old Plantation rum at $66.99. Rum is also very versatile in the realm of mixology, making some of the best cocktails like: Gosling's Dark n' Stormy, the Daiquiri, Hurricane, Mai Tai, Mojito and the various punches (such as Ti Punch or Planter's Punch).

But perhaps the main reason rum is garnering so much attention, beyond pricing and versatility, is how good it tastes. It's made from molasses or sugar cane juice, so it starts with a sweet source; bourbon by law has to be made from 51% corn (very sweet), real tequila from 100% Agave de Weber Azul (very sweet), some of the most popular Scotch whiskies are aged in Sherry barrels which, again, add a bit of sweetness (and we're seeing many whiskies aged in everything from used rum to Sauternes barrels). Along with the sweet start, with the variety of terroirs found in the rum-producing countries, barrel aging and distilling practices, the kaleidoscope of rich to subtle flavors, from classic baking spices to wood tones, earthiness to fruit and minerality, rum adds depth and diversity on top of the initial, palate-pleasing sugary goodness-- this can be serious juice (if that's what you want!). Today's offerings cover a range of prices and styles that showcase a nice survey of the modern rum aisle. It's not just for pirates, anymore! p.s. Pirates still welcome.

For more info on rum and mixology, visit Ed Hamilton's ministryofrum.com (and we carry his tasty rums at Hi-Time!) and our friends at OC Bartender's Cabinet: bartenderscabinet.com.


The youngest of the Diplomático family at 4 years of age, after arriving via a column still distillation process, this añejo is on sale for a limited time and is one of the best deals we have in our rum section. The nose starts with rich brown sugar followed by cocoa powder, raisins, caramel, sweet milky coffee and oaky spice. The mouthfeel is creamy without being heavy or overpowering. The medium-full palate develops exactly as the nose would suggest, with chocolatey raisin fudge, sweet milky coffee again and the oaky spices emerging to tingle at the edges of the tongue. A well-made and extremely well-balanced spirit.

Sale $12.99 Normally $19.99 750ml [166799] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Deep, assertive and highly flavored. Very fragrant with herbal sharpness. At the finish there is a softness and elegance. A most complex and unusual spirit. Notes of butterscotch, vanilla and caramel. Impressive enough to earn the Beverage Testing Institute’s highest honor, the Platinum Medal. Unlike most spirits, Black Seal includes products of both pot stills, as used in fine Cognacs, and continuous stills, as used in grappa. One imparts flavor, the other yields a subtle elegance. Together they work wonders. Black Seal has become synonymous with Bermuda. It’s the national drink and the island nations most widely exported product. Enjoy neat for a full-flavored, spicy sipper or make the famous Dark 'n Stormy cocktail:

Need: Highball glass, Ice, 1.5 oz. Gosling's Black Seal Rum, Gosling's Stormy Ginger Beer
Lime wedge garnish (optional).

Directions: In a tall glass filled with ice add 4 - 5 oz. of Gosling's Stormy Ginger Beer and top with Gosling's Black Seal Rum. Garnish with a lime wedge (optional).
Note: adjust measurements of rum and ginger beer to taste.

$17.99 1000ml [161174] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Clément V.S.O.P. Rhum Agricole Vieux is aged a minimum of four years in virgin Limousin barriques and re-charred Bourbon casks. The superb alchemy of natural rum from sugarcane juice matured in a unique variety of the world’s finest oak barrels gives this exceptional aged rum its brilliant mahogany color, roasted cocoa bean aroma and its illustrious smooth mellow character.

Warm caramel, exotic spice, and dried fruit aromas lead into a soft, silky entry with a moderately off-dry body full of coconut and banana creme brulée, nut, and dried fruit flavors. Finishes with a long fade of charred sugarcane, coconut custard, peppery spices and delicate wet minerals. An elegant and exotic treat.

On its 125th anniversary, Rhum Clément has collaborated with world famous contemporary artist, JonOne, who is New York born and of Caribbean descent. By offering the artist a new canvas to work with, JonOne has created a new graffiti design with the world recognized Clément V.S.O.P. bottle, which is being celebrated as one of his recent and best masterpieces. This extremely limited edition Clément by JonOne bottle (10,000 bottles only) is resolutely contemporary and symbolizes the values shared by the artist and Rhum Clément: a clever blend between tradition and modernity using powerful color.

$27.99 750ml [168802] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

RON ZACAPA 23 [Guatemala]

Zacapa 23 contains a blend of rums aged from 6 to 23 years old. The nose has a soft start as it slowly develops complexity in the glass; sweet aromas of caramel, vanilla, cacao and butterscotch, combining with layers of flavor indicative of the different barrels in the solera process; sherried notes of caramelized, roasted brazil nuts and toasted hazelnut, and the characteristic rounded toffeed banana and dried pineapple of ex-American whiskey casks. In the mouth, this is wonderfully complex, generous and full-bodied, with a sweet honeyed viscosity atypical of an aged spirit. In the mid-palate it possesses a great depth of raisined fruit and apricot preserves, building to an intense heart of savory oak, nutmeg, leather and tobacco with notes of coffee and delicately sweet vanilla, balanced with a spicy touch of cinnamon and ginger on the pleasantly astringent finish; truly a rum for the discerning palate.

Sale $39.99 Originally $49.99 750ml [164247] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


We were able to choose this Plantation Single Cask, a limited edition of exceptional vintages coming from their best reserves. They only released a few barrels of these rare vintages worldwide; each bottle is personalized and numbered. This is a classic rum-- very smooth and elegant. Cinnamon, browned vanilla beans, tropical fruit reduction in the nose. The palate is seamless-- more spice, candied orange, baked brown sugar, a touch of smoke on the finish. This is the go-to "end of the night" rum, meant for sipping and good company, a nice aged Dominican cigar, moonlit beaches. You may not be in the Caribbean when enjoying this beautiful rum, but your palate won't know that.

$66.99 750ml [104468] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

High Scoring Shiraz at a Great Price!

The Yangarra McLaren Vale Shiraz is one of those wines that is an excellent value and over delivers for the price. The winery is certified as organic and biodynamic with the health and vitality of the soil reflected in the grapes, which are picked at optimum maturity. The wine itself has moderate alcohol and feels almost like a cool climate Shiraz with its excellent aromatics, purity of fruit and balance.

Deep purple in color with a ruby rim. Aromas of dark fruits, vanilla and baking spice beckon. On the palate, the wine displays wonderful finesse despite its full body with velvety tannins. Crushed blackberry, blueberry, grilled meats and cocoa flavors linger in this delicious wine. Nicely polished.

Composting and beneficial cover crops help maintain the health of these bush-trained vines at Yangarra.



JAMES HALLIDAY 95 POINTS - "Welcome, we hope you enjoy the show. Twist the cap and it's as if the words tumble out. Immediately perfumed and expressive but with the grunt of tannin and fruit to give it real substance. Saturated plum, soy, five spice and smoky, musky oak. The very epitome of a modern major general release Shiraz."

$19.99 750ml [378120] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Three High Scoring, Highly Allocated Wines Not to be Missed!

The Hilt Winery is a boutique, Central Coast producer who has been “wowing” critics and connoisseurs alike. The Pinots and Chardonnays released each vintage offer a classic, food friendly style that helps the wines outshine other producers in their respected price category. Vineyard Manager Ruben Solorzano is well known throughout the Central Coast for his instinctual approach to farming and Matt Dees is the hot, “up and coming” Winemaker who carries a degree in Soil Science from the University of Vermont and Vintages at Staglin in Napa, California and Craggy Range in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Between Ruben’s intuitive, experienced farming and Matt bringing winemaking experience from different continents & regions all with different soil compositions and climates, there is no wonder about why these wines are so epic!

Both The Hilt, and its sister Winery Jonata, are owned by the same person that owns Screaming Eagle. It is evident that he assembled a Central Coast team that pays just as much attention to detail as the Napa team!


WINE ADVOCATE 95 POINTS - "Coming from Sanford & Benedict (40-year-old vines) and Solomon Hills (12-year-old vines) and tiny yields, it was aged 11 months in 85% new French oak prior to bottling. Giving up beautifully defined and focused aromas and flavors of stone fruits, citrus peel, brioche and a salty, flint-like quality, this awesome Chardonnay flows onto the palate with medium-bodied richness, perfectly integrated acidity and a seamless, silky finish that just keeps going. Enjoy this beauty over the coming 5-7 years, although I see no need to delay gratification either."

$49.95 750ml [268240] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


WINE ADVOCATE 94 POINTS - "The old vine cuvee, the 2012 Chardonnay Old Guard comes from the same vineyards, yet slightly older vines, and is aged in 80% neutral French oak and 20% stainless steel barrel. Slightly more rich and textured than the Vanguard, but not as focused, it thrills with its apple blossom, citrus rind, white flowers and big minerality. Opening up beautifully in the glass, with medium to full-bodied richness, vibrant acidity and a great finish, it too is a rock-star Chardonnay from this team that will evolve nicely for 5-7 years."

$49.95 750ml [268220] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


WINE ADVOCATE 94 POINTS - "The 2012 Pinot Noir Vanguard comes mostly from the Sanford & Benedict Vineyard, yet has 15% of the blend coming from Bien Nacido. Aged in 45% new French oak, it’s a rich, muscular effort that has lots of underbrush and herbs to go with toast, spice, black raspberry and currant-styled fruit. This concentrated, yet layered and seamless beauty will drink well for over a decade."

$49.95 750ml [268230] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Two High-Scoring Wines from La Rioja Alta!

La Rioja Alta is on a roll! This outstanding producer is one of our favorites, consistently crafting wines of world class quality. These Tempranillo based wines are aged in oak, then within La Rioja Alta’s cellar where they mature until the winery deems them ready to drink. They offer tremendous value with a quality-to-price ratio that is hard to beat. Both offer gorgeous red fruit with sweet spices, tobacco and an enticing savory quality that allows them to pair beautifully with a variety of foods.

We were fortunate to receive an additional allocation of the 2004 Gran Reserva 904, which was awarded a 96 Point Score from the Wine Advocate. This is an extremely complex wine, which is approaching the peak of drinkability where it will remain for the next ten years or so. The 2005 Vina Ardanza Reserva is another winner, receiving critical acclaim and chosen as a Top 100 wine by Wine Spectator Magazine. Enjoy these wonderfully complex wines with their rich flavors and seductively smooth texture.


WINE ADVOCATE 94 POINTS - "Cropped from a vintage deemed almost perfect, the 2005 Viña Ardanza Reserva follows the same varietal mix found in the last vintages; 80% Tempranillo and 20% Garnacha. The grapes are always sourced from the same vineyards, 30-year-old Tempranillo from Fuenmayor and Cenicero in Rioja Alta and Garnacha from Tudelilla in Rioja Baja. In the case of the 2005, it was racked six times during its elevage. The one bottle I tasted first was a bit evolved with plenty of cigar ash, incense and leather along with game. But the palate was drying out a bit. Another bottle showed much fresher, with a great classical Rioja profile. This is very affordable making it a superb value for what it delivers. 600,000 bottles were produced of the prodigious 2005 vintage. This wine is not produced in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011 or 2013."

#34 on Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2014

WINE SPECTATOR 92 POINTS 'SMART BUY' - "This traditional red offers dried cherry, orange peel, tobacco and sanguine flavors in a silky texture, supported by light, firm tannins and balsamic acidity. Focused and fresh, with a juicy finish. Drink now. 50,000 cases made."

$29.98 750ml [377294] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


WINE ADVOCATE 96 POINTS - "The 2004 Gran Reserva 904 is Tempranillo 10% Graciano. This 2004, from a superb vintage shows a beautiful light red color with a brick rim and a superb nose redolent of balsamic woods, spices, leather, well-hung meat, incense and truffles. The light to medium-bodied palate shows fully resolved tannins, great acidity and pure, pungent flavors that linger in the mouth forever and that can only be Rioja. This is a wine to smell over and over again. It might sound like an exaggeration, but this wine is still too young and you should wait a little bit and drink the superb 2001 vintage which should still be available on the market while this one matures in bottle. At this quality level the price is superb especially considering that the wine is being released 10 years after the vintage. Drink 2016-2024."

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Wine Advocate 91 Point French Red Under $9!

Cases de Pene is a tiny village in the Roussillon region of Southern France, just 30 miles north of Spain. Ceded to France in the mid 17th century, the area is still known as "French Catalonia". They celebrate this heritage with the Catalan spelling of the ancient Chateau and village Cooperative: "Penya".

Quantities are limited so don't hesitate to order. First come, first served.


WINE ADVOCATE 91 POINTS - "Penya’s 2013 Côtes Catalanes is a beauty, and the finest vintage of this cuvee I’ve tasted. Giving up lots of sweet black raspberry, spring flowers and spice, this medium to full-bodied effort has sweet fruit, a rounded, supple texture and good acidity. It’s a knockout bottle of wine to buy by the case as a house red for drinking over the coming couple of years."

$8.99 750ml [344234] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

A Wine Advocate 98 Point 'True Standout' from a Dream Vintage!

Tenuta Il Poggione is one of Montalcino’s major wineries: it covers a surface area of 600 hectares, of which 125 hectares are planted with vines, 70 with olive groves and the rest are arable and woodland. The estate’s guiding principle is to pay meticulous attention to the vineyards, because the secret of producing great red wines lies in tending the vines. Diversified agriculture is also essential to Il Poggione, so that vines are alternated with a variety of crops and wild animals are allowed to live in harmony with nature. Along with constant efforts to preserve the typical characteristics yet improve the quality of its wines through research and selection, Il Poggione has also drastically reduced the quantity of grapes it produces. By practicing the green harvest, regularly monitoring the condition of the vineyards and constantly checking the need for soil nutrients, an excellent product is achieved even in less favorable years. On the Poggione estate, the grapes are harvested entirely by hand and the wine is made by the traditional method, though modern, state-of-the-art equipment is used. Total control of the vinification process is guaranteed, thanks to the new cellar built in the center of the estate in 2004 and the introduction of extremely advanced technology, but as tradition is important, the company keeps the large French oak barrels used for aging the great Il Poggione red wines five meters below ground.


WINE ADVOCATE 98 POINTS - "The 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is a striking wine that shows uncompromising varietal pureness, albeit in a most concentrated and elaborate form. This is what great Sangiovese is all about. There's so much happening on the nose and the wine brings you to cherry, spice, licorice, cured meat, pressed rose and grilled meat in equal measure. No one element overpowers the next. The mouthfeel is also tight and bright with the kind of fruit intensity that promises long cellar aging. This Brunello is only at the beginning of a long road ahead. The longer the wine stays in the glass, the more it offers in terms of complexity and intensity. This is a true standout that can be enjoyed for up to 20 years ahead."

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Make Mom a Martini!
Some of our favorite vodkas for your next martini...

For a drink with generally very few ingredients (gin and/or vodka with vermouth, possibly bitters then garnish), the Martini has been altered or adapted for a variety of tastes and themes. Today we're thinking of a classic vodka Martini, perhaps something nice and refreshing for a late Mother's Day brunch or early afternoon soiree, and have a few recommendations for your choice of spirit.

Classic Vodka Martini
2 parts Vodka
Vermouth to taste (1 part Vermouth for wetter, much less for dryer)
Orange bitters to taste (one or two dashes)
Lemon twist


Pau Maui Vodka uses pure Maui Gold pineapple juice as the base for their vodka. If you're scratching your heads wondering how a sweet and tart fruit like pineapple could possibly make good vodka, relax. The flavors all disappear during the distillation and filtration process. Master distiller Mark Nigbur states: There is no hint of pineapple in the taste. What the pineapple juice does is make a nice, clean mash-- which translates to a very nice, clean vodka.

$17.99 750ml [167360] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Hanson's Organic vodka is made entirely from premier varietal grapes up in Sonoma, California. It's family-owned and operated and we are big fans of what they are doing-- and not just because the name of one of our founders, Fritz Hanson, happens to match theirs. We like it because it is excellent vodka and makes for a brilliantly clean Martini. This is their "straight" vodka but their flavored versions are also quite tasty, infused with real organic fruits and veggies and no artificial flavoring. They have also garnered some nice recognition from the spirit world in general: two Platinum Awards at the 2013 International SIP Awards, won "#1 Best Vodka of Show" against spirits submitted from 20 countries, and won two Gold Medals at the 2013 Vodka Masters in London.

$26.99 750ml [104495] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Purity Vodka is the result of a long lasting quest to redefine vodka, bringing character to a spirit which by tradition is more one of image and style rather than substance. Daring to stand out from the crowded cluster of neutral, mainstream vodkas, Purity Vodka has not been made to please everyone. It is full-bodied, complex and loaded with character yet, smooth and sophisticated. Combining heritage and innovation, Purity Vodka comes to life in a proprietary pot still at the Purity Vodka Distillery at Ellinge Castle in the south of Sweden. Unlike other vodka producers, Purity Vodka has developed a still designed specifically for vodka production. During the thirty-four distillations, ninety percent of the liquid is lost. The remaining spirit is so refined that no filtration is necessary, leaving all the natural flavors and character in the vodka. Because taste does matter.

$32.99 750ml [100446] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Vodka Beluga Gold Line is a chef-d'oeuvre of vodka production that requires a lot of time and effort, since technological process of this product creation requires a big deal of manual work, which provides for very careful processing of each element. This beverage recipe is unique and complicated. A technological cycle of production of the noble vodka Beluga Gold Line takes three months. The basis for this vodka is made by hyaline artesian water from Siberian springs, and malt spirit. Specific feature of malt spirit manufacture is the use of coached malt enzymes that help significantly improve the taste of Beluga Gold Line. It is malt that gives this vodka a fuller non-diluted taste and favor.Vodka Beluga Gold Line is not produced in bulk, its quantity is limited. This is an exclusive product. Its daily production is nine hundred bottles. If measured by the standards of modern liquor beverage production this quantity is extremely small, but highest and stable quality of the product is worth efforts taken for its production. An individual identification number is put manually on each bottle, which testifies to strict quality control of production.

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Must Have Chardonnays for Mom this Mother's Day!

Just a friendly reminder folks, Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Each year here at Hi-Time Cellars we see a heavy surge of customers running in at the last minute grabbing Chardonnay for Mom on her special day. Here are a few of our most requested / high value Chardonnays; make things easy on yourself and let our internet team be your personal shopper. We will be happy to have your entire order ready for you so all you have to do is walk-in and pick it up. It will be packaged and ready to go! You will be in and out within minutes saving valuable time to spend with Mom!


Back in 1978, Ric Forman made the decision to produce Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in amounts small enough so he could personally be as meticulous as he felt necessary, without anybody getting in his way. Pretty much since his first vintage, his wines have been hard to get, with the majority of his wines being sold directly off his mailing list. We have typically received a small allocation, and this typically sells out within a few months, but before it does, we felt the need to let you know about this gem, even if it will be gone in a short amount of time! A passion for a more austere Chablis style from this noble grape has been Ric's goal for more then 36 years. This Chardonnay is whole cluster pressed and exclusively fermented in Burgundy barrels. Left sur lie for 7 months (aged on the dead yeast cells is common in Burgundy), the wine is racked once during its 9 months of barrel aging, with the secondary fermentation intentionally inhibited.

ANTONIO GALLONI 94 POINTS - "Ric Formans 2012 Chardonnay jumps from the glass with bright lemon, mint, crushed rocks, citrus and slate. As always, the Forman style is all about cut, focus and energy. At times, the Chardonnay is Mersault inflected, with tons of white stone fruits, pears, crushed rocks and pure energy. Readers sho enjoy bright, chiseled Chardonnays will adore the 2012. The 2012 spent 7 months on its lees, and the malo was blocked, in classic Forman style."

$41.98 750ml [262605] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


WINE ADVOCATE 91 POINTS - "Hold onto your hats, as these latest releases from Chad Melville and winemaker Greg Brewer are off-the-charts good! The 2013 Chardonnay Estate Sta. Rita Hills is a smoking effort that represent a fabulous value in Chardonnay. Made in a pure, clean style, it was barrel-fermented and aged 8 months in neutral oak. It gives up serious notes of lemon, lime peel, tinges of wild herbs and salty minerality to go with a medium-bodied, balanced and elegant profile on the palate that keeps you coming back to the glass. It’s superb now, but will also age nicely for 3-4 years."

$23.95 750ml [241090] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


Morning Fog Chardonnay is an great expression of Livermore Valley Chardonnay, with diverse alluvial fans of soil consistently creating Chardonnay with beautiful and lingering minerality, which coupled with the natural acidity from the long and cool growing season, creates a beautiful wine. 50% of this wine was barrel fermented in neutral French, American and Eastern European oak. The other 50% was fermented in stainless steel tanks in order to preserve the natural fruit flavors inherent in this Chardonnay.

Aging: The barrel fermented portion was aged sur lie for 7 months. Bâtonnage, the art of stirring the barrels, was performed monthly. This adds a creamy note to the wine and greatly enhances the texture. From the remaining 50% of the stainless steel portion, half was aged on lees for 7 months while the other half was racked clean to preserve the fresh fruit characters.

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Wine Spectator 93 Points Under $19!

We are huge fans of New Zealand wines so it's natural that we would follow Kevin Judd and what he's doing... Kevin's career is intrinsically linked with the global path of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. He was born in England, grew up in Australia and moved to New Zealand in 1983; soon after he became the founding winemaker at Cloudy Bay and remained there for their first 25 vintages. In 2009, Kevin unveiled his personal venture, Greywacke (pronounced "grey-wacky"), named after New Zealand's prolific bedrock, and fulfilling a long-held dream of his and his wife Kimberley. Once we tasted his wines we were instantly smitten-- these are wines of character, showcasing the terroir they come from, the high quality of New Zealand grapes and the knowledge and talent of the winemaker behind it all. And the critics agree:

"Some of New Zealand's most exciting emerging stars include Greywacke... Kevin Judd takes Marlborough Sauvignon to new heights." - Lisa Perotti-Brown, eRobert Parker.com


WINE SPECTATOR 93 POINTS - "Smooth and succulent, with supple melon, peach and lemon meringue flavors that manage to be graceful and seamless while still packing a wallop of intense flavors. Spice, chamomile and lemon verbena details crescendo on the long, lingering finish. Drink now. 5,000 cases imported."

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The Dream Vintage has Arrived!

The 2010 vintage marks an unprecedented year for Tuscany’s much beloved sangiovese-based red, Brunello di Montalcino. Winemakers, the wine press, and seasoned wine professionals unanimously agree that this is the Brunello vintage of a lifetime, even outclassing the outstanding 2006 and 1997 vintages.

The Wine Advocate’s Monica Larner writes of the 2010 vintage, “possibly reaching iconic status. Montalcino has some great wines in store for us and the barrel tasting I did while visiting estates was nothing short of exhilarating. Rest assured: The hype and the buzz … is not hyperbole. Many vintners I spoke with describe it as a ‘dream vintage.’”

Quantities are limited and between the huge scores and epic vintage this wine won't last long. Don't hesitate to order. First come, first served. Click HERE to see all the 2010 Brunellos we have in stock.


ANTONIO GALLONI 92+ POINTS - "Col d'Orcia's 2010 Brunello di Montalcino Vendemmia is all finesse. Sweet floral and spiced notes open up in the glass, followed by veins of bright red stone fruits. Hints of orange peel and white pepper add an attractive, beguiling upper register of aromatics. The 2010 is still a bit raw and much less expressive than it was from barrel, but it is promising."

JAMES SUCKLING 92 POINTS - "A traditionally styled Brunello with nuts, cherries and plums on the nose and palate. Full to medium body, firm tannins and a fresh, lively finish. Delicious now but better in 2016."

$39.99 750ml [302668] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


JAMES SUCKLING 97 POINTS - "Extremely complex aromas of mushroom, stone, chalk, dark fruit and lightly dried bark or tea. Full bodied, with powerful and layered tannins. Muscular and intense. It needs loads of time to soften. Better in 2017."

$55.99 750ml [303483] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


JAMES SUCKLING 98 POINTS - "Aromas of crushed raspberries, cherries and blackberries expand on your senses. There are also freshly sliced mushrooms, wet earth and bark. It's full-bodied, with an incredible depth of fruit and a savory, salty, almost grilled meat character. Layers and layers of fruit and tannins. A truly great wine. Better in 2020."

WINE ADVOCATE 96 POINTS - "Aged two years in oak, the 2010 Brunello di Montalcino Le Lucére is expressive and deep with thick lines and a profound sense of extraction. This is a lovely wine that occupies a special place on the opulent side of the Brunello spectrum. Of course, the amazing quality of fruit in 2010 has given winemakers more variables and raw material to play with. The wine shows dark concentration and an impenetrable appearance. Dried fruit, clove, nutmeg and toasted almond segue to cola, licorice and pressed rose petal. The mouthfeel is sweet and chewy but the overall effect is spectacular. This wine marks a huge improvement over past efforts."

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A Lot of Bang for Your Buck!

Fosso Corno is a 30-hectare estate in Abruzzo, Italy. From the hilltop vineyards you can see both the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Gran Sasso mountains to the west. The warm Adriatic and the Gran Sasso range control the climate in this part of Abruzzo that is warm and dry during the days but much cooler at night-- conditions that favor growing grapes with intense flavors and excellent maturation while retaining good acidity and balance. This "Aires" is produced from estate fruit of 100% Montepulciano grapes. It was fermented in stainless steel and aged in stainless for six months prior to bottling. We've been fans of Montepulciano wines from Abruzzo for quite a while-- it offers a lot of bang for the buck (something we always appreciate) and we're seeing more effort into creating higher-quality wines of this grape from this region. This "Aires" is proof of that.


The nose is rich and pretty; notes of fig, red plum, plum skin, red cherries and a touch of coffee grounds reflects the ample sunshine the vintage received and the excellent terroir Fosso Corno is blessed with. The palate reflects the nose with beautiful forward fruits, lots of red berries and cherries, kept aloft with balanced acidity and rounded tannins, while earthy minerality completes the triumvirate between fruit, acidity and terroir. Another benefit to worthy Montepulcianos from Abruzzo is in food pairing! This is a versatile grape-- try with it: lamb, pastas with tomato sauces, grilled meats in general, bolognese sauces, richer game or ossobucco, Korean marinades, Peking duck, fatty fish (swordfish, salmon, tuna) and aged cheeses. Cheers!

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Great Deals on Some of Our Favorite Tequilas!

Don't forget Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. With that said we wanted to show you some fantastic deals on a few of our favorite tequilas. Keep in mind if you don't see anything you like we have over 500 other tequilas for you to chose from. Click HERE to see our entire tequila selection.

Hi-Time Selected Barrels

CASA NOBLE ANEJO $84.99 Retail $119.99 750ml [162604] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
PATRON ANEJO $45.99 Retail $49.99 750ml [120310] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
CASA DRAGONES SIPPING TEQUILA $249.99 Retail $299.99 750ml [169246] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
CAVA DE ORO EXTRA ANEJO $79.99 Retail $149.99 750ml [102287] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
EL TESORO PARADISE $119.99 Retail $139.99 750ml [162296] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
DON JULIO 1942 ANEJO $109.99 Retail $129.99 750ml [164000] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
TEQUILA ARTE NOM 1146 ANEJO $49.99 Retail $59.99 750ml [100846] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
GRAN CENTENARIO ANEJO $25.99 Retail $49.99 750ml [162942] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button *Great Value*
CLASE AZUL REPOSADO $75.99 Retail $89.99 750ml [164119] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
SIETE LEGUAS REPOSADO $38.99 Retail $43.99 750ml [165417] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
Bargain Tequilas
PURA VIDA GOLD 100% AGAVE $16.99 Retail $39.99 750ml [100696] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
DON ABRAHAM SILVER ORGANIC $17.99 Retail $39.99 750ml [106506] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
OCHO 2014 PLATA TEQUILA $39.99 Retail $46.99 750ml [167086] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
CASA DRAGONES BLANCO $59.99 Retail $69.99 750ml [105168] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button
CHINACO BLANCO $28.99 Retail $41.99 750ml [105370] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

A Delicious Wine of the Month!

There's an old adage in the wine world: "When the weather warms, look to the South of France." Actually, I made that up. Unless someone like-minded wrote it down somewhere or somewhen else, which is quite possible, I'll claim it. But, in thinking of our wine-buying habits, from the surfeit of dry rosés and spread of dry white wines we tend to bring in around late spring or early summer from the Sud, it's pretty apropos and downright sensible. Which is why this Mont Gravet was such a clear choice for our wine of the month-- it's from Southwest France in Gascony where they know a little bit about warm seasons.

Something about the heat, and it's been a bit hot around here lately and that will likely continue, calls out for refreshment: bright fruits, forward acidity, wines that uplift. The reason for this is twofold: to keep heavier-styled wines from dragging us down and also to pair with the lighter fare generally consumed when the fahrenheit climbs. This Colombard is a perfect example.


The nose is lush and rich with tons of mixed tree fruits, apricots, white peaches and pear, supplemented by sweet brown spice tones and a touch of gravel. The palate is lush and viscous but lifted by easy acidity as many of the scents turn to flavors: the sweet stone fruits from the nose, joined by a touch of Golden Delicious apple, are enhanced by some floral nuances with honeysuckle and wildflowers, citrus, a hint of lanolin and minerality. Slightly rounded but floating lightly in the mouth with acidity, this is fresh, delicious wine-- we will enjoy this one in the spring sunshine and during the balmy nights of summer.

Pair with foods you'd eat pool- or sea-side: white fish tacos, veggie dishes, salads, not-too-spicy pork, chicken. And, like many of Mont Gravet's compatriot dry rosés from the South, it's a heck of a bargain and tastes much pricier.

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A Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

“Nature provides a constant spectacle of miniature surprises and exquisite visions, revealing the beauty of a flower as it opens or a butterfly taking flight. In so doing, it establishes a lively, deferential dialogue with mankind.” - Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler

Created by the artistic team of Mischer & Traxler, this limited edition includes one bottle of Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé, one gift box, and two glass flutes. The deluxe embossed gift box with see-through butterfly and bubbles let you see the flutes inside. The glass flutes are laser-engraved so bubbles rise solely from the center of the glass. It makes the perfect gift for all your Rosé Celebrations such as Mother’s Day or toasting the arrival of new spring life.


WINE SPECTATOR 91 POINTS - "Vibrant and refined in texture, this well-knit rosé Champagne meshes a chalky base note with flavors of almond biscotti, fresh ginger, white raspberry and candied kumquat. Drink now through 2019. 1,500 cases imported."-Alison Napjus (09/14)

Sale $59.99 Normally $74.98 750ml [377888] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Ships at a 2 Bottle Rate

Another Sensational Bargain Parker 93 Points Under $17!

Finca Villacresces is situated in the middle of the Ribera del Duero's "Golden Mile" adjacent to the one of Spain's most famous vineyards, Vega Sicilia. For centuries it has been tucked away between vineyards the Duero River and an ancient pine forest. It covers 110 hectares, 64 of them under vines.


ROBERT PARKER 93 POINTS - "This blend of 90% Tempranillo and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon emerges from a vineyard situated adjacent to one of the famous vineyards utilized to produce Spain’s greatest red wine, Vega Sicilia. Made from relatively old vines, the 2012 Pruno is a sexy, opulent, voluptuously textured effort that spent 12 months in two-year-old French oak barrels. Reminiscent of a baby Vega Sicilia, it possesses a dense ruby/purple color as well as notes of high-class, unsmoked cigar tobacco, creme de cassis, licorice, graphite and spice box. Full-bodied, deep, velvety textured, lush and heady, at $20 a bottle, it is another sensational bargain from Eric Solomon. Enjoy it over the next 5-6 years."

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A Tremendous Trio of Rosés from the South of France

If there's one thing that gets us to love even more an already-excellent Tequila, it's when There’s a Christmas song you’ve probably heard of that starts by saying “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” I can’t help but think of this song each year when the dry, French rosés start to roll in. There’s something so expressive and refreshing in these wines—and they’re pretty reasonably priced, for the most part, with a few stellar examples going over the $20 mark. These three are well under the $20 niveau, with one under $10! Hallmarks of these wines: great fruit, excellent acidity, balance, uplifting, great with good, many can be enjoyed solo, amazing value. And when it warms up, a chilled dry rosé is an excellent foil for the heat.


Everything begins in 1980 when François Devictor, engineer in farming awarded a diploma by the ESAP (College of Farming from Purpan), decides to settle down in Provence to produce great wines. He falls in love at first sight with the Domaine de la Sanglière in Bormes les Mimosas and knows at once the potential this idyllic site represents, located by the sea. With a total surface of 42 hectares, the estate is completely remodeled to meet optimal quality requirements. A cellar is built. The production of Whites, Rosés and Red wines in Côtes de Provence appellation can then begin...In the lineage of their father’s work, it is the wine growers' second generation, Rémy and Olivier Devictor that manages the estate nowadays. This is a delicious, fun, zippy rose that offers tremendous value—we could hardly believe that this much wine sells for under $10. The nose is a mélange of salted watermelon, lanolin, well waqter, peach pit and mixed red berries. In the mouth it’s dry but fresh as the bright acidity dances alongside savory, sweet fruits like kiwi, cantaloupe and watermelon. Easy sipper, perfect for warm days and moonlit nights.

$9.99 750ml [334293] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


30% Cinsault, 30% Grenache, 30% Syrah 10% Carignan
Situated just 15km outside of Saint Tropez, Domaine Sainte Marie harmonizes pure relationship with nature and boasts an anthology of exceptionally old vineyards. Strawberries, Carnations and a delicate, overall floral perfume alights the nose.  In the mouth, notes of stone fruits, plaintain and a touch of the saline are awash in the lush viscosity of texture.  Acidity and a general spiciness level the field, keeping the wine uplifted and not heavy, as cherries, guava and dark currant lend a more serious element toward the finish.

$17.99 750ml [334280] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Château Saint-Pierre 2014
Cotes de Provence

 Château Saint-Pierre dates back to the eleventh century. Recent rehabilitation work in the cellar have revealed vestiges of a church dedicated to Saint Pierre that had belonged to Foulques, Lord Of Les Arcs. This property and the land around it were bequeathed to the Saint Victor Abbey in 1055. Handed down from father to son for the past four generations, Jean-Philippe Victor now manage this 55 hectares vineyards that stretch from the Argens River up to the foot of the Maures Mountains. The nose is a rich blend of well water minerality, red plum skin, peach and strawberry notes. The palate is lush and creamy with forward tropical fruits, stone fruits, sweet peach cobbler and ripe cherry, balanced by excellent acidity and a dose of minerality. The finish allows the fruit back to the forefront as it slowly fades, like a glorious sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Benchmark wine.

$13.99 750ml [334289] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

New San Matias Hi-Time Barrel-Selected Tequilas!

If there's one thing that gets us to love even more an already-excellent Tequila, it's when we have a chance to taste through and select special blends and barrels of that Tequila, choosing the one we all think really represents the best of the house and region.  An even better day?  When they let us pick more than one blend. So, today we have two to offer and both are absolutely delicious, just in time for the Cinco de Mayo celebrations about to take place.


We here at Hi-Time were almost speechless when tasting this Tequila. Our hats are off to the San Matias distillery for its masterful blend of two, three and six-year-old Tequilas that come together to make one of the lowest priced and highest quality Tequilas we have ever tasted. The nose is laced with fresh cinnamon and toasted oak. The body is rich, complex and loaded with gobs of vanilla, toffee and baked agave. Layers of holiday spice, vanilla-laced oak and light peppery heat crescendo to finish this stellar spirit. Even if you don't think you like Tequila you need to try this one.

$39.99 750ml [166331] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button


This 100% Agave Tequila is produced from Highlands Agave, and aged for over 3 years in French Oak barrels. The staff at Hi-Time picked this wonderful barrel and we think that this is the best Extra Aged yet! Taste over 123 years of experience and tradition in Casa San Matias Tequila products.

$43.99 750ml [166277] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Flat-out Delicious!

Volpolo from Podere Sapaio is flat-out delicious year in and year out so we were excited to see the new release from the outstanding 2012 vintage. This wine has not yet been rated, but the last vintage was #22 on Wine Spectator's Top 100  and after recently tasting the wine we expect great reviews again.

The estate is located in Bolgheri, which is well known as the home of “Super Tuscan” wines, made famous by Sassicaia and Ornellaia. These producers broke the mold and used non-Italian grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and other international varieties in their blends. Bolgheri is rightly regarded as one of the great winemaking regions of the world and its wines are highly sought after. Volpolo is a wonderful Bordeaux blend comprised of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot and 15% Petit Verdot. It is an expressive wine which combines power, elegance and longevity.


Aromas of cassis and dark currant with cigar box and fresh tilled earth greet the nose.  Full-bodied on the palate, layers of dark fruit including blackberry, currant and plum predominate.  Culminates in a very long finish.

$29.98 750ml [302437] Hi-Time Wine Cellars add to cart button

Big Savings on Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy!

The delicious berry fruit and spice flavors of the cooler climate grapes from the Joppich Vineyard in Langhorne Creek gives the Blue Eyed Boy its crowd appeal. It is blended with McLaren Vale Shiraz to add intensity, vibrancy and richness. This year the McLaren Vale fruit came from the Gateway and Long Gully Road Vineyards.

We have a limited supply so don't hesitate to order. Prices are good while supplies last. First come, first served.

WINE SPECTATOR 92 POINTS! – “Dense, rich and spicy, exhibiting intensely concentrated blueberry and raspberry flavors, underlined by stony, tarry flavors and a plush texture. Shows presence and persistence. Best from 2016 through 2021. 9,186 cases made"
Sale $36.99 Normally $49.95 750ml [378357] Hi-Time Wine Cellars 

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Frank Family’s 2012 Cabernets Score 92 & 95 Points!!!

The vineyards of Calistoga, located in the northern Napa Valley, are prized for helping to produce wine grapes of extraordinary flavors, complexity, and quality. Frank Family Vineyards are located in this region, on the original site of the historic Larkmead Winery and owned by wine legend Hans Kornell. Rich Frank and his family farm this piece of land with great fervor, and with the help of their winemaker Todd Graff, the wines from Frank Family Vineyards have become a “go to” at several of the top restaurants, hotels, and retailers.

Now why is that? It’s easy; Frank Family produces wine that they like to drink, and they don’t charge the proverbial arm-and-a-leg like some others tend to do. What you get here exceeds what you pay! In addition to their Calistoga site, they have acquired a few other vineyards in other Napa Valley regions (such as Rutherford and Carneros) that they farm with the same intensity as their Calistoga vineyard.

As you may have heard, the 2012 vintage looks to be quite majestic! And folks, these 2012 Frank Family Cabernets are some of the best ever to come out of this winery!


ROBERT PARKER 92 POINTS! – “The 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa is a much more friendly, supple, fruit-forward style of wine with loads of créme de cassis, plum, licorice and spice. This opulent, full-bodied wine is certainly going to be a big hit with consumers. It is broad, savory and pretty much everything one wants in a delicious Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Bring on the grilled meats! This wine should drink well for 10-15 years."

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ROBERT PARKER 95 POINTS! – “The 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve ratchets up the complexity, richness, breadth of flavor and overall texture and personality. Dense ruby/purple with notes of blueberries, blackcurrants, spice box and subtle oak, the wine is full-bodied, generously endowed, opulent (characteristics of 2012), pure and beautifully textured. Built like a skyscraper, but not heavy, this is a tour de force and a brilliant Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Drink now- 2025."

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A Visit with Mathieu Deiss of Domaine Marcel Deiss!

We recently enjoyed a visit from Mathieu Deiss, winemaker from the great Alsatian producer, Domaine Marcel Deiss. The Deiss family is noted for their original thinking, maverick winemaking and for being staunch advocates for the terroir of Alsace. Particular to Domaine Deiss is their focus on field blends, several varieties of grapes co-planted in the same vineyard. The focus is so strong on terroir that they defy conventional tradition and do not list the grape varietal(s) on their labels. They are also biodynamic producers, intimately aware of their vines and the soils in which they are planted.

As we tasted through the wines, Deiss was reluctant to give specifics about any of the blends for his wines, believing it would take away from the notion of terroir. Such is his strength of conviction of the importance of place. It may seem that Deiss was obstinate or unagreeable, but the opposite is true. He took the time to answer all of our questions,,,well except for the grape blends in his bottlings!

The wines were all terrific with Alsace Blanc offering tremendous value and complexity. The Rotenberg bottling showed great purity of fruit and definition. The Schoenenbourg Grand Cru displayed incredible depth and complexity and elicited a collective “Wow” from those tasting the wines. These fine wines of Domaine Marcel Deiss reflect the winemaker: they are interesting, somewhat enigmatic and definitely worth getting to know! Click HERE to read more about Domaine Deiss on our blog.

These wines are very limited so don't hesitate to order.  First come, first served.


This wine is produced from 13 Alsatian grapes, which express the story of Alsatian terroir. Vinous Media - "Dark straw-yellow. Peach and aromatic herbs on the enticing nose. Rich and ripe but not at all heavy, with honeyed yellow stone fruit flavors displaying above-average intensity for an entry-level wine. Sneaky concentration and depth here."

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The Riesling and Pinot Gris are evident, fine and very elegant. Aromatic and light on the palate! Stephen Tanzer - "Bright straw. A fusel quality complicates tangerine and blood orange on the expressive nose. Chewy, rich and rather full-bodied, with ripe apricot and peach flavors complemented by anise and licorice notes. The smooth, rich finish lingers nicely with repeating anise and licorice nuances. This has a more evolved nose than the 2011, which I found surprising given that 2010 was the cooler, higher-acid vintage."

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The famous Schoenenbourg vineyard is sourced for the flagship of Domaine Deiss. The result is a rich, ageable wine of nobility, which magically combines an impression of strong extract with a weightless quality, very impressive.

ANTONIO GALLONI 95 POINTS - "Bright, deep yellow. Ripe, vibrant aromas of white peach, lemon zest, chamomile and balsamic herb are complicated by lemony botrytis. Silky on entry, then round and fresh in the middle, with terrific lemony cut providing excellent energy. Really resonates on the floral, saline, tactile back end, leaving the taste buds vibrating under a lemon meringue and peach sheen. In terms of richness this seems to fall between the Mambourg and the Altenberg; it usually needs more time in the cellar than the wines from either one of those sites. In ten years' time this will be intensely mineral rather than tropical.  Best from 2018-2034”

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98 Points Under $50 from the Dream Vintage!

The 2010 vintage marks an unprecedented year for Tuscany’s much beloved sangiovese- based red, Brunello di Montalcino. Winemakers, the wine press, and seasoned wine professionals unanimously agree that this is the Brunello vintage of a lifetime, even outclassing the outstanding 2006 and 1997 vintages.

The Wine Advocate’s Monica Larner writes of the 2010 vintage, “possibly reaching iconic status. Montalcino has some great wines in store for us and the barrel tasting I did while visiting estates was nothing short of exhilarating. Rest assured: The hype and the buzz … is not hyperbole. Many vintners I spoke with describe it as a ‘dream vintage.’"

Argiano is a classic Tuscan hilltop estate in Montalcino with over 250 acres of south-facing vineyards. The estate dates to 1581 and has a long reputation as a top producer of classically styled Brunellos. This fantastic wine has been a long time staff and customer favorite at Hi-Time. Quantities are limited and between the huge scores and epic vintage this wine won't last long. Don't hesitate to order. First come, first served.


JAMES SUCKLING 98 POINTS - "An unforgiving, powerfully structured wine with fabulous grilled-meat, granite, dried-berry and flower-petal character. Full-bodied, chewy and intense. Great structure. Extremely long and intense. Sexy austerity. Gets the juices going. Best ever from here. Reminds me of the great Argianos of the 1970s. Better in 2017 or 2018."

WINE ADVOCATE 95 POINTS - "Aged for 24 months in oak, the gorgeous 2010 Brunello di Montalcino is a brooding, dark wine with great aromatic purity. The fruit tones are rich and penetrating, spanning from plum, prune and cassis to spice cake, tar and black licorice. The wine's concentration is luscious and opulent. The oak element imparts lasting aromas of spice, toast and caramel but the wine already shows a good degree of integration that should help it continue its bottle evolution. Hold this wine until 2017. "

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Limited Edition Woodford Reserve!

Woodford Reserve, the “Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby,” is honoring this year’s “Run for the Roses” with the release of its 2015 Kentucky Derby commemorative bottle. This year’s limited-edition Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby bottle features the artwork from elite equine artist Carole Andreen-Harris.

“Woodford Reserve is honored to have such an esteemed equine artist design this year’s commemorative Derby bottle artwork,” said Jason Kempf, Woodford Reserve brand director. “Her incredible talent and love of horseracing truly captures the spirit and passion of the Kentucky Derby.”


Aged and bottled at Labrot & Graham Distillery which is in the heart of Kentucky's horse country. While this distillery is the smallest in operation in the state, whiskey has been distilled on this site since 1812As the hand-selected barrels of whiskey reached their peak, they were married with the famous limestone water of Kentucky's Bluegrass Region. Has a character and uniqueness that is unduplicated. This premium bourbon is a testimony to the distiller's craft Woodford Reserve is bottled at 90.4 proof.

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Orin Swift Machete is Back in Stock!

Dave Phinney is the mastermind behind the Orin Swift brand creating successful labels such as The Prisoner, Papillion & Mercury Head. He also makes a couple of our customer favorites like GKG Cabernet Sauvignon and Stanton Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon out of Oakville. A handful of years back, Dave made this Petite Syrah-driven blend called Machete that blew our minds, showcasing loads of black fruits, hints of chocolate with this seamless texture from front to back, ending with lip-smacking, chewy yet integrated tannins…. The wine seemed to have disappeared just as quickly as it was released with everyone clamoring for more! Yet for some reason the bottling was not reproduced in the subsequent vintages much to the dismay of Orin Swift followers.

Out of the blue last spring, we heard through the grapevine that Dave was resurrecting the Machete label with a 2012 offering and it would be released by summer. After much anticipation, the wine arrived in racy new packaging but after uncorking a bottle we were pleasantly surprised that the wine was reminiscent to our cataloged memory of the original and over-delivered for its price point! Well, now we have a limited amount of the 2013 vintage which for California was an outstanding year even better than the 2012 growing season.

This wine is a very limited production and will disappear before you read about it in a wine publication / magazine. We recommend ordering while you can!


Characteristics of this release as described by Dave - “An opaque, purple chroma is brilliantly on display in the glass. An alluring fragrance of bright floral notes, violet juxtaposed with intriguing mountain characteristics. The entry is big, dark, and brooding with concentrated berry flavors, black cherry, mocha, and delightful earthy, brambly notes. Soft and lush, the tannins are sublime which offsets a pleasing mineral finish.”

Please note: Machete is bottled with 12 different lables....yes, 12. So the bottle you receive may not be the bottle in the picture.
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